Blogging While Brown Recap: Nomadness TV Travel Tribe

Blogging While Brown Recap: Nomadness TV Travel Tribe

By Toya Nicole

While I was in New York City last month  at the Blogging While Brown Conference I had the pleasure of meeting Evita (Evie) Robinson, founder of Nomadness TV Travel Tribe. Nomadness TV is an urban travel online social community of almost 5,000 members.  They are the new age travel movement!

Nomadness Tribe is 75% female and 89% Black/Latino members who currently reside in over 20 countries, with highest concentration in New York, Washington D.C., Houston, Atlanta, and Bahia, Brazil.

I had the chance to catch up with Evita (
@EvieRobbie) before she heads off to Spain on her latest adventure. Read on as she shares more on her passion for travel and what inspires her. 

I want to hear more about Nomadness Tribe and how it got started! What inspired you to start “The Tribe”? 

I had just gotten back to New York City after living in Japan and Thailand over the course of a year and a half. I came back with a real case of travel withdrawal that no one in my family or friends could really relate to it. At that point I started looking for online communities and couldn't find any that I felt a tie too. They were boring, lacked diversity and were impersonal. I didn't find it, so I created it in the Tribe. 


I love that Nomadness is also about shattering the myth that people of color don't travel! So true. Where do you think this misconception comes from? 

I think it's partially because of main stream media because all travel shows look alike and have to do with the same demographic. We are underrepresented. It's about taking us outside the shadows and showing that we do this too.

In your Nomadness TV clips we can see that you seem to easily adapt to the culture when you travel internationally. Did this come easily to you?

I'm a risk-taker. Always been a daredevil and naturally inquisitive. I think the ability to adapt is from being respectfully curious. I love learning new things, people, and cultures. Therefore I like to blend in as best as possible. 

You just returned from the RV tour. How exciting! Share with us some of the highlights of the RV tour.

Everything. The going away party to the culmination, it was all so influential to the students and the members who traveled on the RV. Every HBCU campus was distinct in character and interest in Nomadness. It was a beautiful sight. Some stand out moments, were definitely watching the sun rise at the Grand Canyon, driving into Roswell, New Mexico approaching 1 a.m. and meeting Tribe members I had never seen offline before for the first time. It's the people and the conversations that make the Tribe as great as it is. Seeing these people never gets old.

So what’s next for you and the Tribe? How can we stay connected with you?

Our 2 Year Anniversary party is coming up and believe it or not we are already organizing for the RV College Tour of 2014. We are non-stop coming up with innovative ideas to approach getting the word of travel out. With that said, you can always keep up with us at 

 Toya Nicole  is a savvy PR and Marketing Consultant whose personal mission is to inspire others to travel, embrace new experiences and live life to the fullest.

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