Travel: Six Flags Great America Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway

Travel: Six Flags Great America Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway

The Six Brown Chicks are bringing you our best of the best girlfriend getaways (one-tank trips  to reclaim your sanity) and at the top of our list is Six Flags Great America.  The theme park offers an adventure that is right in your own backyard, budget friendly, and has your teenage indulgences (roller-coasters, water rides, and deep-fried  funnel cakes) right at your fingertips.

This is the most "technologically advanced show that we've had in our 37 year history," says Katy Enrique, Communications Manager of Six Flags Great America. igNight (pronounced ignite) "uses video mapping projection, taking a two-dimensional image and putting it on a three-dimensional surface, so you''ll get a 3D experience without the glasses."

The show is breathtaking with its live performances, special effects and fireworks, and is a spectacular closeout event of the night.

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