Yogi Akal's 12 Love Compatibility Forecasts

Yogi Akal's 12 Love Compatibility Forecasts
Can you predict your compatability based on your birth month? Yogi Akal says yes. Photo posed by professional models. Orangeline. DreamsTime Stock photos.

Numerologist Yogi Akal says he can forecast your love life based on your birth month. Comment and let us know if it's accurate!



The old adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” doesn’t work in love. The new rule is, “Do unto others as they can receive it.” Communicating what we have inside is never as important as getting through.  Connection is at the heart of all love, of all relationships.  Doing it your way, the way you like to get it, means you may not connect with the other person at all. You may be speaking completely different languages. “Do onto the others as they can get it,” can turn ordinary conversation, private whispers and even intimate touch into more meaningful, effective and relaxed communication.



While Hollywood may portray love as a tumultuous form of immediate gratification, real love takes some preparation. Try this exercise - put aside three days a month for physical intimacy. The three and a half weeks leading up to it may start in the living room, grow in the kitchen, and blossom in the bedroom, but when you are prepared, private and passionate, you can discover something new every time and bring that energy into your life in ways you never imagined.  Find times to turn off the phone, relax with each other, and be creative. Those three days of real connection will last way beyond seventy-two hours.  



Often we look at others and imagine how we want to be loved, overlooking how others actually are loving us in their own unique way.  When we don’t get what we think we want, we create pre-determined resentments, blaming others for our limited view of ourselves. When you let go of fantasy and the need for validation, you can appreciate the power, depth and beauty of how you truly love and how you may be wanted, loved and appreciated by others. Reality is always better than fantasy. Look for the positive in each relationship.


Numerologist Yoki Akal

Numerologist Yoki Akal


On the other hand, sometimes fantasy keeps us where we ought not to be. While commitment and duty are powerful virtues, and patience is the greatest, wasted time is the worst. Every relationship has a breaking point. Your job is to know it, before you get involved. 




The fact is that many folks put more research into checking out their hairdresser or mechanic than assessing a mate. Following your feelings is not the best way to start or maintain a lasting relationship. You have homework to do. It’s unfortunate when a badly beaten young woman says, “He moved in, and then I got to know him.” 



Like a river, a relationship is a living thing with its own unique form, capacity and flow. We admire our rivers. We use them for transport, nutrition, protection, entertainment, etc. We are more and more concerned with not polluting our waterways. Relationships are similar. We travel on them; we are nurtured by them, we play in them, and we hopefully try not to pollute them.



Often, once we become familiar, we drop our manners and expect others to deal with our worst behavior. Then we wonder where the noble nature of our collaboration has gone. When you are in a meaningful relationship of any kind, be excellent, be your best, give your best, all the time.



Money is never the issue.



A woman is a completely different human being every two and half days. Her organic body clock rotates in eleven remarkable cycles per month, which repeat and remain in the same order throughout her life. This process profoundly affects her emotions, behavior, mental attention, physical capacity, social interaction, and desire. When you know this about the women in your life, you are just beginning to truly appreciate the genius that is female. Men shift gears every week, up and down. The secret to success in relationships is to be constant throughout these cyclical shifts.



Love is only for the brave.



Words are the greatest instrument of passion, and the most dangerous. Just because something is on your mind doesn’t mean it is true, of value or needs to be expressed. Always assume that what you put out in words is coming back to visit you in some form. You are what you say, and you eat your own words.




You have three overriding senses – common sense, intuitive sense, and a sense of humor. When any one of these is weak, you are a mess. When all three are strong, you can do anything, love anyone, and know everything.


For more info, you can visit Yogi Akal at his website  www.yogiakal.com or study with him at www.numerologyprofessor.com.

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