Michael Jordan's Bride: Is Light Skin the Right Skin?

Michael Jordan's Bride: Is Light Skin the Right Skin?
A Comeaux

By A Comeaux

Oh Chicago!

My beloved hometown, by way of the southern suburbs, but home to me no less.

This weekend we were bombarded, I mean blessed, with pictures of the coveted wedding of our full court Moses (Michael Jordan).

Our god of Nike almighty, the man who defied gravity by walking on air, our very own Air MJ wed his model-turned-personal Barbie of five years to the shallow number of 2,000+ guests.

Usher performed. MC LytE graced the mic. As per the bloggersphere, it was a reunion of 90’s NBA and the sports world elite. Sounds delish.

I fake imagined myself there; dressed in the finest of designer shoes; couture clad, dateless as to keep options open, and birth my allure.

Then the reality sets in when I read the comments and the shameless commentary of my fellow columnists solely focused on her race/complexion! No sincere congratulatory sentiments without a dash of shade. No one truly felt this was a momentous occasion but instead took his leap in love as a color scheme dis to the masses of pretty brown Sistahs nationwide.

I felt quite shallow.

 All I thought about was the menu. The lavish accommodations and the dresses worn by the millionaire’s queens engulfed my attention far beyond the tone of her skin.

Coming to my brown-skinned senses, however, I did notice that even the audience had a bit of swirl-flavored consensus.

My light bulb went off and a headline pierced my retina: ‘Are light skinned/white women the sign of a Black man’s success?’

I tried ever so vehemently to block the salivating fashions I just knew were in the room and tried my best to be socially conscious to weigh in on this blessed woman’s newly exchanged vow ceremony. Before we delve in to what society is deeming wrong with this picture, I’ll make one point on how I see this on paper. A lifelong successful man married his beautiful girlfriend of five years in what easily can be presumed as the wedding of her dreams, additionally, this awesome legend was divorced in one of the heftiest settlements in matrimonial history.

I would have bet that he’d never even consider taking that oath after such an ordeal.

How many women do you know in relationships right now where the guy unabashedly refuses to marry her? Children? So. Property? And! Been together since high school on and off, respectively, live together, sort of, who simply won’t marry her?!

I’m not bashing, just stating observations.

I’m here for you. I’m a single mother, never will I judge.

Let me make this point: We, women have to look at US and the relationships we commit to that are not committed to us. We must be willing to love and be loved by where love comes from.

I cannot and will not bash a man for whom he loves and chooses to marry. I’d rather position myself to be chosen for such a commitment.

I’d rather be grateful that a man of worldwide influence is marrying SOMEBODY! Marriage is almost taboo in our society! It’s vulnerable and challenging and a true sign of life commitment. I applaud this.

Even if it were a Commitment Ceremony in a state legalizing same-sex marriage; I’m here for it!

While everyone is up in a bunch about her race, think about a man and a woman’s happiness and devotion to love. I don’t see this as a symbol that light skin is the right skin. He could be an unashamed bachelor the rest of his rich life without a care for complexion in the world. Truth is, he married her.

He’s married!!! Can I get a round of applause for my hometown hero? He didn’t get her pregnant and buy her a condo, he’s sharing his WORLD with her!

Women bashing should perhaps focus on whom they are entertaining and hoping to get ‘the ring’ from instead of bashing MJ’s wedding. Men, once you realize a woman is worth your life’s investment, let this be an example that no matter how much money you have, it all means nothing if there’s no one to hold you at night.

As for MJ, I’m proud of him. Happy for her and hopeful for the rest of us.

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  • I agree, A. Comeaux!

  • you are so spot on! however; my issue wasn't the color of her skin, it was more so the age difference. she is 15yrs his junior and although she may be very well put together...those of us that are in his age group, seem to be overshadowed. Just a thought! I suppose we could date/marry younger as well...I've just always clicked with people, in general in my age bracket...no more than 7-10 older and 2-3 yrs younger!

  • Unfortunately, there are some truths we just can't get around:
    1) older rich men and younger attractive women will always gravitate toward each other, regardless of race
    2) I know this is the hard one for you, but a successful black male celebrity, with few exceptions, will date/marry either a white woman, or a black woman that is several skin shades lighter than he is.

    Is this all shallow? Yes. But people are more shallow than they care to admit; it's human nature.
    So your question ‘Are light skinned/white women the sign of a Black man’s success?’. Yes, it is. And it's not to say that MJ doesn't love her. But all these social bonuses come with the package, and he won't turn it down.

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