Can I Live?

Can I Live?
A Comeaux

By A Comeaux

I thoroughly enjoy writing to you.

I’m grateful for this platform to reach legions with my thoughts and my heart’s truest desires. This is what I was born to do: Write.

This year has proved to be one of amazing opportunities, within my spirit. I knew at the brink of this new year that this one was going to be special, different, honest and even painful as growth, at times, can be. I didn’t know what but I knew it was something big. As the hours grew into days and weeks matured into months I realized I was evolving as a woman. As a mother. As a business and brand and more importantly, my life’s truth was begging to be respected. I can’t post it all here right now, but I know this to be true, when you are born to do a thing you can’t evade it.

Can I live?

Despite what my dreams look like to you, I dream. I’m not so marred by life’s rejections that I stopped believing in me. I am not so discouraged by failure that I have given up on trying. My hope is that all that read my column weekly, see my movies or hear my performances, that you see ME and within me, maybe a mere reflection of yourself.

 If you have a goal, an ambition or what they call a dream, I pray you go for it.

I move as my heart leads me. To some I may look unstable or wayward. To some I may appear to be a wanderer. I’ve yet to dispute or defend either notion. I do nothing I don’t believe in. If you watched me over the past five years alone you may have questions.

Can I live? Can I go for what I trust is mine? Can I have the life that I know I was born to have? Can I go and do what most would be too afraid to embrace? Can I?

I don’t do it for approval. I do it for those who are afraid to do it.

 I do it because I want to be the example that it’s possible. If it takes me five more years and three more states I’ll go and do and pursue that burning desire to see my dreams come to life. Some have muffled that calling. Some have gotten complacent and accepted #cubicalGang as the best that life has to offer.

Dare to dream.

Dare to hope that you were created with purpose and by no standard an accident. Dare to see just what that dream has to offer you! I for one, will go for it!

I dare not be afraid of success. I dare not be scared of my greatness. And with that I tell you that please, with all the beauty your spirit can hold, don’t discourage a dream. If you’re too afraid to risk it all for yours, don’t call me crazy for selling everything I own to go after mine.

Let me live.


Aloud and Proud.

I dream in color and these dreams, I dare not sleep on.

Watch me. Tweet me and tell me about yours…

A Comeaux

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Chat with A Comeaux and all the Chicks today at noon. Our topic is dating with children. #SBCChat

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