Welcome Home Soldier Lee: Photos!

by Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster- I had the pleasure of welcoming my son, Leesaviour P. Scott, home on April 5th after his 9 month tour in Afghanistan. This has been the longest 9-months of my life and his. 9 days into his deployment in July of 2012, the only father he has ever known and my husband, James E. Sangster, died from Glioblastoma (GMB) brain cancer. My son and I had talked the week before James died and he kept saying he wanted to get back home and was going to tell them he needed to be home. I recorded a video for him on July 20th and sent him the link, telling/showing him the status and that he should get home. Unfortunately the morning of July 21, James lost his battle with cancer and American Red Cross had to contact the base and let them know Leesaviour's dad had died. He was allowed a short leave but had to return to complete his tour and grieve...alone.

James was adamant about Leesaviour receiving a welcome home celebration. A Vietnam Veteran and retired Chicago Police Officer, James knew the importance of service members receiving appreciation for their service, that he did not receive as a Vietnam Veteran. Unfortunately he did not live to join in the celebration, but he was there in spirit and the flag from his military funeral was there as well. I reached out to Chief Skahill and Officer Esparza-Hall of the Chicago Police Department, who put me in touch with the Illinois Warrior Watch Riders association. They were excited to work with me to welcome Leesaviour home.

The celebration was amazing and so many joined in to help bring it to life and donate items to include, Adam Jackson of Jimmy Jamm's Sweet Potato Pies, Nicoh David, Remy (Kenny Johnson), A Shot of Karizma, Al Greer, Creative Creations by Veronica Yancy, A Comeaux of Six Brown Chicks, Illinois Warrior Watch Riders, Chicago Police Department, O'Hare airport, USO, Lt Colonel Maurice Rochelle, Whitney Young High School Track and Field Team and the BridgePort Art Center. He even received a call from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office.

I am overcome with joy just to hug him and see him smile again. Enjoy the pics and lets continue to support our troops who truly sacrifice so much to protect us.


One Helluva Proud Military Mom!


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