Love, Sex and Your Top 10 Relationship Questions

Your top 10 questions about relationships are now revealed! Join the Six Brown Chicks and these six real men at the Black Women's Expo on Saturday April 6, at 4:00 p.m. The Black Women's Expo takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago. Visit for details.
Have questions? Send the Six Brown Chicks your relationship questions for the panel ahead of time. Meet our male panelists below. We'll see you at the Black Women's Expo!

1. Is marriage dead? Is baby momma all we have to look forward to?

2. How much influence should your child have in your relationship?  I know the kids have some say so in the relationship but it seems like kids have total control in relationships now.

3. We are taught to be ladies...but the [vixens] get all the attention, money, the good life. Where are the men who want Wives?

4. Are professional black men turned off by professional black women who are too independent?

5. How do you feel about a woman approaching you? Are you put off by a woman making the first move?

6. How do you trust after a bad relationship?

7. Is it okay to date someone new but return to a former lover for sex only?

8. He's separated, and has been for four years. What should I do? I want to marry him now.

9. My daughter is gay. She doesn't understand how her choice affects my life at church. She doesn't understand how her choice robs me   of a grandchild and I'm so angry with her.

10. How do you tell your lover that you want to bring someone else to join you?



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