Top 3 Questions You'll Ask After Sex

Top 3 Questions You'll Ask After Sex

 By Lydia Katherine

Sex is wonderful when shared with a person you really like.

Yes, like. We're all grown and there's no time for nursery rhymes: First comes love, then comes marriage blah blah, blah, blah...In reality, first comes attraction, then comes hormones, and then comes his hand on your thigh and that feels great!

So you've visited your Rihanna wild side and now you have added another notch to your belt. And, much like a Twitter friend request that you've accepted to your private profile--you're now second-guessing that decision.

Let's review the typical post-sex questions.

1. Did this person deserve to see your goods?

You were always curious to know what was in his jeans, but were you prepared to show off your demi-cup lace bra and low rise boy shorts?

So, did he deserve to see the goods? Yes, because he has done everything right and his goods have been on your mind for a while. Honestly, you may have been deceived by the person’s swag: You wanted him because he carried such a high profile demeanor.  You were so "humbled" by  his compliments and he was such a gentleman when he flirted with you. (But let's keep it real, maybe you should've hit the nearest Walgreens for some batteries and called it a night instead.)

2. Was it even good? It is what it is, right?

Goodness. Typically sex is better when the feelings and emotions are deeply-rooted. Whether adoration is previously hidden or displayed, every touch, kiss and caress is thought through because you are displaying your affections. However, if your "meeting" doesn't go as planned, maybe you should reschedule. Only you know if "it" is simply not there.

3. What do you expect from him now? 

Your expectations can vary, and may depend on why you had your one-night-stand.

For example, were you getting over your most recent breakup and wanted to fool around with a long-time crush? Did you sleep with your closest male pal because "things just happened"... or were you taking advantage of an opportunity to reveal your true feelings for him? Whether this was a one-night stand or a genuine act of affection, communication is key, especially if you are secretly hoping this one-night stand will flourish into something full and rich.

If you did not communicate before the 'adult activity' you may want to communicate now. Ask, was that steamy moment a one-time thing or an introduction to future relations? Don't become shy when discussing the new rules of the engagement.

I suppose the moral of the story is: Don't hold back. Communicate beforehand and then prepare for what happens next.

In the meantime, enjoy safe sex in the city.

And Live, Love, Laugh, and Eat Chocolate Cake!

Lydia Katherine

Lydia Katherine

Lydia Katherine



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