When is it okay to be gay?

When is it okay to be gay?

By A Comeaux

I've been dancing around these feelings. I'm tiptoeing on banana peels in fear of slipping my foot in my mouth.

Yet the fire burns.

The questions whisper as much as they shout and they demolish any crumb of doubt!

I'm a writer. While I try to bring thought provoking blogs to the masses and yet remain objective, well, this ain't that!

What's going on right now, right under our noses, smells like a number two and I'm not referring to pencils.

The test is--who cares? Who will speak up and take action for rights that as humans, human beings, human beings on one Earth, all equally deserve?

From equal rights to serving in military to Boy Scouts, there's much to be debated.

What I always wondered is, do companies separate gay dollars? Then why are rights not available to all who pay into the social security system?

Are gay people living in another government structure? Then why are rights not equally distributed?


Yes, we've experienced major breakthroughs to the tune of military fairness and some states' marriage laws. Our beloved president has made huge leaps in equality's direction. There is still plenty to be done.


Boy Scouts. I have heard debates about gay people being allowed to become Boy Scouts would induce incidences of pedophilia. Well. Did this conversation come up when priests were molesting boys for generations nationwide? Oh. The religious radicals and the Right-Wing rogues seem to attack as a matter of convenience, not as community awareness or protection.


Again, stripping someone of the right to be who they are will not stop them!


My choices are still mine, regardless of what law is created or banned.

When an orientation is alienated, it does not unite us, but instead digs a deeper divide culturally, politically and even morally.


We share the same soil, gas, taxes and natural resources, so to create such a palpable divide right down to recreational societies seems a bit too bold for my taste buds.


When will it be okay to be gay? How many suicides, how many more hate-crimes, how much more discrimination needs to take place before this "free" country realizes that there is no such thing as separation by sexual orientation.


I find it wildly disheartening that we all share so many of the same things and a few laws and policies drastically remind me we are not one, and this, not my orientation, but the alienation, is simply intolerable.


I don't write letters to board members when I fall in love.

I won't ask the local clinic is this a good season to get pregnant.

I can't explain policies to my emotions when they rage, and seek to proclaim and lay claim to my heart’s desire.


Regardless of my personal choices, I'm a citizen of the United States. My rights shouldn't ever be in jeopardy, in terms of who I love. I'd really like to know when, America, is it okay to be Gay...?




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