Is my body not my own?

Is my body not my own?

By A Comeaux

Is my body not my own?

How, when and if I mother is no longer a life-choice, but now a corporate insurance plan debate, somehow influenced *cough* and run by Right-Wings?

What America the brave is this? How many countries, including our own, will enforce coveted tactics of birth control as a way to control debt/over population, when in fact it’s ill-spending and misappropriated funds that caused the financial turmoil.

So instead of government, no matter how fancy or impoverished, now the solution is forced birth control or a lack thereof? Weird. Then we have the issue of 'who' gets to control the birth and at what point should the government step into my womb and say when and how I bring forth life.

It’s disturbing to know that the very rights of my own body are not my own.

Hey, I have an idea: How about we give all 10-year-old boys and girls a shot to completely eradicate puberty. This way, no one will be horny. No sex. No birth control wars. No debates. A nice friendly freeze on the reproduction cycle!

This solution is as preposterous as it is probable; there is no shocking me in terms of what they'll deem doable to regulate. The saddest thing about this is the alternative. If alternatives and resources are stripped from us, where does that leave us? What healthy options will be available? How will we groom generations of women who own their bodies and their choices if our very wombs are regulated?

I know this much, removing choices won't induce any more maternal awareness than removing pay options will stop people from creating babies! We need resources. We need support and options, because the act that leads to bringing forth life--or not--will still occur.

Think about it.




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    I hate it when people purposely lie or misconstrue this issue and then blame the right. First, to answer your question. No, you do not have the legal right in America to do what you want to or with your body. You cannot sell "your" organs for money. You cannot sell your sex for money. Attempted suicide is a felony in some states and assisted suicide is illegal in all.
    Now, the debate is "not" over do you have right to birth control, condoms, the pill, etc. It is can the Government force others to pay for it for you. If you argument is, This is my body and my choice. Great, then pay for it yourself, with your own money; as you would for any other elective choice, such as a face lift or tummy tuck. Why must others pay your bills or cost? Where will it end?

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    Jay, are right wingers trying to outlaw abortion or government paid abortion? I thought it was about being pro-life not going dutch on an abotion.

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    jay1000- Nicely said

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