I Want YOU

I Want YOU
I'm a poet.
Being granted the opportunity to blog with Six Brown Chicks birthed my writing's personality in its most transparent form.
You may not know this, but I've been writing, creatively, since the 4th grade.

Growing up, I had no outlets for my pain, confusion or my colorful imagination so I turned to writing.

It was natural, gifted and it was mine!
My journals were filled with my personal views on life as I knew it. Writing has always been a refuge for me. It's also the way I communicate my heart's dealings, my mind's wonderments and my ill's healing.
I Want YOU is a poem that I wrote to someone that I was drawn to intellectually, emotionally and artistically alike.

People inspire my work everyday, this particular person ignited something that I'm yet to understand, but ever grateful to have felt.

Though nothing came of it I completely moved in haste and I shared this with them, the ultimate No-No, but I meant every word!
And I'm entirely naked in my poetry. Whether my feelings change by time, default or forfeiture, I own that moment.
That feeling.
I honestly write to document the journey of life, of love, and life's peaks and valleys.

I'm sharing this with the world because I want you all to be brave with your emotions, even if fleeting. I want you all to go for it even when you don't know where it's going and why.

No it's not logical, hell it's an incredibly vulnerable position, but it feels so good.
Give your heart's desire a voice.
Someone, at the right time, will listen.
Enjoy and let me know your thoughts...

I want YOU--a poem by A Comeaux

"I want you.
you are the picture of every frame frozen from fear.
you're broken
and so well put together that I had to listen closely with my eyes closed to hear you cry.
you're violated and vulnerable.
I'm sorry you weren't protected.
you're powerful and so passionate yet detached from your own tears.
too familiar,
that wounds too fresh been bleeding for years, tho...
I want you
you're everything undone I've become.
you're a complete work in progress.
you're her. The me I've never been but I know nothing more familiar. natural. and surreal.
you make me feel alive.
not the painful way my loves bled over a lover unworthy.
or them beautiful ones before this that hurt me.
I want you
you go. I'll anchor.
you reach. I'll hug you.
you, in your darkness and flaws and fears' side effects of life's withdrawals.
I want you
I don't need to tell you it's safe here and that I'll never lie. nor do I need to say I promise or vow or plea that I'd hold your heart closer than my own. never letting it fall or falter anywhere I'm not readily available to catch it. because. you see it. in my eyes.
that I want you..."
What is it that YOU want?

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