I Am My Sisters' Keeper

I Am My Sisters' Keeper
Toni Spearman

By Toni Spearman

In December of 2012, I organized a writing group for interested women who were either published, unpublished, or aspiring writers.

I had participated in the annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which is a time for writers to come together all over the world (meeting either online or in their perspective cities) and write a 50,000 word novel from scratch.

Those who completed a novel during the month of November would be awarded an official “Winner” web badge and a PDF Winner’s Certificate. I was so inspired that I wanted to share the same enthusiasm, excitement and encouragement with others.

It began with a couple of highly motivated ladies meeting at Starbucks over cups of flavored lattes, peppermint mocha Frappuccinos and slices of delicious, buttery pound cake.


We were not allowed to reserve a table for our group, so many times we would pull up extra chairs, congregate around the lounging, leather seats or if it was just too crowded, we met at the picnic tables under umbrellas, outdoors.

We would bring our laptops, our Kindles, our iPhones and iPads but none of our modern technology compared to the level of expectation in our hearts. I did not want this to be your average writing group; I desired something more intimate. A sisterhood, a close-knit community of women who shared the same innate passion; the desire to write.

Now, we know that a bunch of women coming together with various personalities and mood swings can produce some old fashioned drama for ‘yo mama.

But I prayed in advance that God would only send women that were serious at heart, and women who knew beyond a doubt that they were born to write.


The other night the group met in my home (because we have outgrown Starbuck’s in our West Texas town) and the energy that generated from our time of sharing, reading, planning, and laughing was unlike anything I’ve experienced.

Although we are still fairly new, I believe the reason our group is successful is because 1) We all genuinely have a deep love and respect for God and each other, 2) We genuinely love the writing craft, 3) We share a wealth of information pertinent to this business and 4) We have become accountable to each other, making sure we equally thrive and strive to accomplish our goals.

In essence, we have become each others keepers.

Having someone in your corner pushing, motivating and encouraging you to be the writer or whatever God designed you to be, is a powerful force. When women come together with the same mind, they become an energy; unstoppable. I am my ‘writing’ sister’s keeper and she is mine and together we will change the course of this world with one of the greatest tools given to man. The written word.

We were born to write!







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  • Powerful powerful powerful. Very inspirating for a newly openly admitted writer. Knew I could write all my life & I mean all my life but you know that enemy of fear "who cares", but what God put in & developed can't no man not other sprit stop it. "For he who had begin a Good work in thee will continue it until the coming day of Christ Jesus". Philippians 1:6. Thank you Toni & Peace & Blessings to you. @Max_luvlifelive

  • Great blog today Toni! We can't wait to read more from you!

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