The Benefit of Doing Nothing…

The Benefit of Doing Nothing…

The benefit of doing nothing… By Yanni Brown

Sometimes you just don’t know what to do! I’m learning that feeling this way is okay. I’m also learning that when you don’t know what to do it is okay to stop and “DO NOTHING”.

Let me explain…

So much of our lives consist of doing, being, existing at the expense of others. Some us are parents, have to take care of our parents, have jobs, friends and other duties that require our undivided attention or for us to produce. I don’t know about you but I’m officially honest enough with myself to say out loud “Ain’t nobody got time for that” People will use you until there is no more use for you. Not intentionally but because some of us have been conditioned, to take, take, take until there is nothing left. Well excuse me in advance because, I am choosing to exercise the benefit of doing nothing. Everyone and everything had better take care of itself or figure it out because I’m fed up, tired and just don’t feel like it. I realize that people depend on me but, rely on me and have certain expectations of me BUT not today! Now maybe this will change next week because I’m naturally a giver but today I’m all tapped out. So unless you are bringing something to the table don’t bother sitting down empty handed. This was an adult lesson taught in my conversations with Katie Brown (My Mom), she said “If the table is already set with all of the trimmings, what are you leaving room for someone else to bring?” So sometimes doing nothing is required so that we can see what someone else is capable of doing. This includes our children, mates, spouses, friends and family.

So for today I am enjoying the benefit of doing nothing. You are more than welcome to join me!

"There will come a time where you will have to care less about everyone and everything else. Don't apologize for it Just Do It! Because Sometimes IT Needs to Be About You" ♥ Conversations with Katie Brown





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  • Hello...LOVE this is sooo on point!!! It was so on point that I was reading it to my friend and after reading it we discussed it and agreed that everything said is sooo on point!!! If you're not bringing anything to the table DON'T BOTHER TO SIT DOWN!!! I have been guilty of setting the table with ALL the trimmings and then had the NERVE to get mad when THEY brought NOTHING to the table - and of course they let me know what they were capable of doing (NOTHING) - because I had already taken care of everything - because I am a giver as well - it's hard to NOT give 110%+ - so I have chosen to still be that giver of 110%+ but I will only give to those that will step up when I choose to DO NOTHING!!!  I Love you Brown Chicks and Keep Em Coming!!!
    L'Mona - Houston

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