Intimate Discussions

Intimate Discussions


Last Friday the evening began with tea light candles, great ambiance, and chocolate covered strawberries compliments of N’ticing N’gredients, Yanni’s special blend of sultry sangria, and a standing room only crowd. Before being introduced we all were serenaded by H.I.M. with a poetic piece entitled “Could I Ever Be So Fortunate” The mood was set for what we simply call “Intimate Discussions” a co-ed conversation about Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness hosted by myself Yanni Brown and co-host Dave Maxx.

Our rules are simple, you can be single, engaged, married, divorced, kickin-it-with-friends or just curious. All we asked is that you came with an open mind be willing to listen to others' opinions and ready to observe, enjoy, listen and learn.

We kicked off January’s session with “How to Get the Love that you Want and Deserve”Our sessions are open and we encourage our guests to feel free to express themselves. Our regular attendees have no problem with this at all.

Here are just a few comments and key things that were said.

  • “Ladies, Being independent ain’t $#!+ women keep screaming independence and will find themselves independently alone, independently unhappy, independently stressed, and independently vulnerable.” (V. Whitten)
  • “Ladies, we as men compromise by doing things with you that we don’t necessarily want to do but we do it because it pleases you.” (B. Christman)
  • "Submission is power because you're entrusting your man to make decisions on your behalf.” (G. Pegues)
  • “A man knows when it’s time to step up when he begins making sacrifices for the relationship. When he wants to lighten your load, help you in some way make life better.” (Q. Mitchell)
  • “Ladies, ask questions! No men don’t like them, but as women you have to ask what you want to know and then be willing to listen to and hear the answer. It’s not always what you want to hear.” (D. Maxx)
  • “Ladies, you set the tone for the relationship and you have to say what you mean and mean what you say even if that means saying NO!” (D. Maxx)
  • “Men and Women it’s important to love your mates the way that they want and need to be loved. Don’t make the mistake of finding yourself on the outside, watching someone else give your mate what they want and need.” (Y. Brown)

If you want more, well you will just have to join us for the next Intimate Discussion February 22, 2013. Our goal is to create better conversations and solutions while discussing the issues concerning relationships. It is in these very conversations that we are Making Love Better TwoGether.


Yanni Brown



Photos by Marie Christman


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