Another Damn Dateless Damsel

Another Damn Dateless Damsel

By A Comeaux

If you’re tired of me writing about being single and begrudgingly dateless, then fix me up with your well-off, good smelling, intelligent and terribly handsome neighbor.

You don’t have one…? Fine.

So read on.

Here I am in the Land of 10,000 Lakes with no fish to hook! I mean, who wants to snag a guppy?

In this cold day and age, the average man needs to have more than the average man! No longer is it standard to be standard. Car. Home. Minimal kids and easy going baby-mama? Nope.

We’re damn near looking for Clark Kent! We, being the single women complaining there aren’t good men available, seem to hold the bar so high that we’re the only one holding it!

Actually, we have an equally single and distressed sister-friend chanting her blues as she holds the other end. In the privacy of my own thoughts, I fear what will happen when one of us gets ‘chosen.’

You know, the “him” that appears good enough to brag about even though we can’t properly pronounce his last name?

Him. We know he doesn’t like us, for real, For Real, but we look good together and ‘it’ feels even better? Him. The one who’s always up for a dinner date as long as thighs are on the desert menu…? Yeah, Him.

And ladies these half excuses for men aren’t all to blame. We are significantly responsible for the way we’re being handled. What we put out there and accept back in our lives is ultimately on US.

Yes, men will do what they want. But they need a Yes. The sooner we stop concerning ourselves with who a man will be with if we say NO, the better off we’ll be.

Most times we settle for what they half-ass offer because we want SOMETHING as opposed to NOTHING.

So here we are faced with the dilemma of being dateless, man-less, boo-less and clue-less, OR we take what we can get in hopes these spiritually delinquent men will realize our worth and wife us.

Damn it’s tight out here.

And these loose women with morals of rabbits are messing up the curve for the rest of us (pretend) good girls… *insert evil grin.

Think about it, dudes used to be shocked to get laid on the first date. Now, it’s the expectation.

When he gets the first sign (a yawn and a peek at your watch) that this night won’t be a long one, he’s in the bathroom texting ‘her’ to slide thru on the late-night booty call… It’s a numbers game, ladies and often the odds aren’t with us.

My remedy: Scoop up your bestie and shop to buy panties and perfume.

Go out dining at fine restaurants and always attend the hottest concerts and events where you can bring the “wow factor.”

Don’t miss out on the fun things in life because there isn’t a man around for you to be his arm candy on or for him to foot the bill for the night.

Trust me, I love relishing on both but there are too many moments I need to stamp my memory with to be sitting at home alone. Until the fateful day a faithful love embraces my wings, well, catch me in the wind my friend.

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