Your Presence is the Greatest Present of All

Your Presence is the Greatest Present of All

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

In just 27 short days the Christmas holiday will be upon us.

Advertising began just before Halloween and has been in heavy rotation since.

We didn't really have time to be Thankful on Thanksgiving because "Black Friday" started on Thursday and continued through Sunday and peaked with Cyber Monday.

Sales designed to get you into the stores to make you purchase one more of this, the latest of that or the next version of the latest and the greatest.

While those gifts are great, especially if you can get a great deal, but let me ask you this:  Does your child really need another video game? Kindle? iPad? etc.?

Have things replaced quality time and being present in the lives of our loved ones? Has it become easier to give a gift or gift card and send them on their way in hopes that the gift will sustain them? Are we pouring into them, teaching them the meaning of Christmas and about importance of being in each other's presence rather than the actual present?

As a single mom I would love to give my children everything that their hearts' desire during this holiday season but I also know from past experience and going in to debt that giving them everything is not really teaching them about things that have meaning.

We live in a time where we have to shop smart, give smart and open our hearts. My gift to my children this year is the plan to become debt-free in 2013 with a plan of action that allows them to participate.

We have plans to take family vacations, build a savings plan that they too can be part of.  We have discussed and decided that this year will be the year that we give love this holiday season. Because in our household we've realized that his presence and our presence in each other lives is more important than the gifts that will be worn out, lost, unexciting and or thrown in a box this time next year.

If you can, take the time to spend some time really connecting this year. Sure it's wonderful to open presents but don't forget about being present in the lives of those that you love and care about.

Those gifts are priceless!

Enjoy the greatest gift of all this holiday season... BE PRESENT in someone's life!



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