What Does Faith Say To You?

What Does Faith Say To You?

By Dr. Dawj

When challenges rise up, what does it take for you to stand on faith?

This past year has tested my faith on every imaginable level possible and yet; I still rose up because of my faith.

When my husband James was diagnosed with brain cancer last October, things could have spiraled out of control very quickly.

I wasn’t prepared to take the lead in our marriage without him, the other man of the house (our son), was headed to begin life in the military and I felt alone; or so I thought.

Yeah, I had my daughter and granddaughter around and family and friends there, but it wasn’t like having my life partner by my side to take the lead.

I was scared.

I was so accustomed to him leading the way behind the scenes and I was happy to oblige. But this time, I was forced to take on a role that would require a level of faith that only God could give.

The days, weeks and months following his diagnosis were brutal on me emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I continued to press forward and pray for strength even when the doctors gave the outcome of death.

It was important for me to show him how strong I could be for him. I didn’t feel like I could let him down because he was now depending on me to be there and take care of him, like he had been there to take care of me for so many years.

When I reflect on those moments now, I realize that I put more pressure on me to live up to a standard that I felt was important to him because of his level of faith.

My husband James was an Elder in our church and walked by faith daily.

Even when he was diagnosed with brain cancer and during his treatments he remained positive.

His view was that there was a purpose for his sickness and that lives would be changed in a positive way because of how we handled the situation.

Of course, I just followed his lead and stood on faith that we would get through the situation regardless of the proposed end: death.

Just when I thought I had my faith under control and I was able to accept that I would have to live life without my husband physically here, my sister died, our son was sent to Afghanistan, then my husband made his transition; all within 30 days of each other.

At that juncture, I had to ask God, “Are you kidding me? Seriously?”

My faith had taken on a whole new meaning and I was taken to a higher level that prepared me for life without him.

I believe that everything that has ever happened to you and I, whether good or challenging, was for a purpose.

Challenges were supposed to happen to prepare us for greater challenges that we aren’t even aware of.

Keep your head held high and don’t succumb to what the situation looks like or feels like right now.

I found that real faith is not seeing or knowing exactly what will happen, but believing enough in yourself that you will rise above whatever it is.

My question to you is: Do you believe enough in YOU that you can rise above any challenges in your life?



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