Discarding Valuables

Discarding Valuables

By Dawgelene Sangster

I lost something very valuable to me years ago and my heart was crushed for quite some time.

I was doing my normal duties of cleaning up the house by scrubbing floors, shining furniture and washing. I had on a sentimental ring and two bracelets while I was cleaning, so I decided to put them in the jewelry cleaner while I finished my house cleaning. I was multitasking, so I stopped cleaning, rinsed the jewelry and placed it on the table to dry. I went on about my day and didn’t think anything more about the jewelry.

When bedtime arrived, I got ready for bed and checked my hand and arm as usual to take my jewelry off for bed.

I screamed! Oh no, “where is my jewelry?”

I started searching for it and looked everywhere in the house but could not find it.

After careful thought, I realized that during my cleaning, I grabbed the jewelry drying in the paper towel and threw it out with the trash, which had been emptied that day. I was devastated! For years after that day, I could not shake the fact that I had thrown out something so valuable by not guarding it.

What do you need to guard and protect that is valuable to you?

Is it your heart, affection or trust? How many times have you thrown out something valuable, only to realize it when you least expected it?

There are so many things happening around us on a daily basis and people that we connect with, that we can forget about the most valuable things in our lives.

We get distracted or so focused on things for others, that we let our guard down around the things that are the most precious to us. Be mindful of your valuables as it relates to your heart, emotions, spirituality, finances, relationships and inner peace. Don’t allow the most precious and valuable things in your life to be thrown out with the trash and placed in the dumpster of someone else’s life.

Let your inner peace and joy be full and embrace all the joys of your life on a daily basis, by taking time to guard valuable YOU!

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