These Three Women Changed My Life—Meet Them on Saturday

These Three Women Changed My Life—Meet Them on Saturday

By Zondra Hughes

There are angels and demons that walk among us.

We know what demons do; they smile while wishing you ill will. They infiltrate your relationships and corrupt the peace.

They secretly set out to rob you of your happiness and your appointment with success.

They may give you a good run for your money, but rarely will they ever win.


Equal in abundance are the angels who come to your rescue. They appear in your life and help you in many ways, sometimes in ways unseen by you.

These angels show you an act of sisterhood, even when you are  most undeserving.

They speak a good word about you. They recommend you for something great.

They impart wisdom, hard-earned from the many years that they’ve  defeated the demons.

You know that you’ve met an angel because just one moment in their presence changes everything.

Enter Deborah O. Brown, Director of Station Relations, NBC Chicago. Deborah is a selfless sister who has masterfully balanced community service and corporate success. Deborah has taught me that you can be a warrior while remaining a queen. You can achieve what you want without sacrificing what you believe. You can overcome any obstacle if you put your heart and mind in the right place.

Deborah O. Brown has taught me the rules of positive action.

I witnessed Michele Thornton, CNN’s Director of Multicultural Ad Sales, speak at the Female Success Factor event in Atlanta last year.  Beautiful, accomplished, and high-profile, Thornton shared her journey to independence that began when her then NBA-player boyfriend refused to buy her an $18 CD for her 25th birthday.

That incident opened her eyes.

“No one would ever tell me no again, no one,” Thornton shared. “How many times have you been put in that position and didn’t allow that to fuel you to be who you are supposed to be? Take that power and harness it to move you where you want to be.”

Michele Thornton reconfirmed the importance of self-worth and doing for self.

Last but definitely not least, is Rita Coburn Whack.

Rita is owner of RCW Productions Inc.; a Random House author, three-time Emmy winning television and radio producer, (Harpo Studios), and an on-air radio contributor. Her latest work, Meant to Be, is reminiscent of the storytelling fullness of Maya Angelou with the unfiltered emotion of Alice Walker.

Rita is a game-changer in my life because she challenges me to strategize my every move. Professionally speaking, as owner of RCW Media Production, Inc., Rita sees around the corner on trends and has the vision to redefine entertainment.

Personally speaking, Rita’s honesty about our interpersonal relationships is frank and inspirational:

“So where is the kindness? How do we become one in relationships? Sometimes it takes time and sometimes, we can circumvent some of that time just by realizing how human we are… people spend years in pain for absolutely no reason.

That doesn’t mean you have to divorce, you have to grow up. And a lot of times people say to me, ‘this is happening to me,’ and I say ‘hmmm, that’s sounds like marriage, so you have to work it out.”

Meet these three powerful women at the FREE Female Success Factor: The Digital S.H.E. Sponsored by U.S. Cellular.

The event takes place on Saturday, April 21st from 12:00 p.m. to 4 p.m., at the posh Society Art Gallery.

Christina Steed, Senior Vice President at Flowers Communications Group, moderates this life-changing panel and workshop on effectively building and propelling your digital life.

Immediately following the workshop is a power networking reception catered by Stony Gardens. (Bring your business cards).

This event is free and open to the public, but due to the overwhelming response, you must RSVP to gain entrance.

Here's to our success!


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