Our Relationship Expert Reviews "Think Like A Man"

Our Relationship Expert Reviews "Think Like A Man"

By Yolanda "Yanni" Brown

I couldn’t wait to see Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man.” I was even excited about it. An all-star cast and a great story line,  it was an entertaining, well written story that looked at relationships from the male point of view.

Not often is a story told from the male P.O.V. and if it is well it’s generally not about relationships.

The movie was funny, the relationships and characters were believable and I also enjoyed the characteristics of relationships that we as women deal with or have dealt with, (ie: The momma’s boy, the player etc.)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the heat between Michael Ealy and Tarij P. Henson’s relationship.

Congratulations Steve Harvey! You have used your platform to enlighten women on how to act like a lady but think like a man. I would also like to give the movie props for showing the evolving bromance amongst the men.

I would like to also take an equal platform to say that before you can find, keep and understand a man that you absolutely must take the quintessential step in finding, keeping and understanding who you are and whose you are.

No this is not a bash at Steve Harvey or the movie “Think Like a Man” I loved the movie.

Howwever, this is a note for self that before you can find your better half it is critical that you embrace yourself as a whole. That it is important to fall in love with you, discover your purpose, and follow your passion.

Begin your own journey of loving you because when you are able to authentically love you then you are open and available to love others.

Loving you says that you only have to think like you and God’s best interest for you.

Yanni is the author of Making Love Better Begins Within.


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