When a Man Loves A Woman...I Witnessed True Love!

When a Man Loves A Woman...I Witnessed True Love!

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

This blog was inspired by a friend who recently got engaged.

They were separated by six degrees, and in it, they found a connection.

A connection that was courted, cultivated, cuddled and kissed.

In this connection it was the first moment that he saw her that he knew.

He knew that this woman could and would become his wife.

What's magical about these two is that a few select friends were able to watch their love blossom and grow from a friendship, to a loving couple, to now an engaged couple.

Men often say that "When I saw her I knew that she was the one."

What's even more beautiful is what happens when he does. You
see when a man loves a woman, he understands that she is a priority and not an option. You can see the love in his actions. Her interests are in his best interest. He wants what's best for her. He will make it his business to provide and protect her.

What I love about LOVE is that when it finds you, it takes you by surprise.

Love caresses your spirit and reassures you that it's okay to fall and it reminds that when you do fall, it's okay because he is there to catch you and vice versa.

In a time when it is said that WE are no longer interested in tying the knot or falling in love, I am witnessing the beauty of something different.

I am watching love!

I am watching a couple go old school, take the time to get to know each other, date each other, become friends, fall in love and then he gets down on one knee and asks...

"Do you love me? Do you trust me? Willyou marry me?" and her answer is yes to all three.

Say what you will, I'm here to tell you that love will always be in the air.

You just have be willing to let go of your insecurities, explore the passion and be open to the possibilities.

Congratulations Sharvin Whitted and Angela Marie Jones on Making Love Better TwoGether.

Let your friendship, love and light be an example to those in search of what real love looks like.

I would love to hear from real man who doen’t mind sharing what he felt when he met the one..

When A Man Love a Woman He ….

(You fill in the blank!)







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