Want to Improve Your Marriage? Get on Your Knees . . . and Pray!

Want to Improve Your Marriage?  Get on Your Knees . . . and Pray!

by Dawgelene "Dr. Dawj" Sangster

What inspires you to pray in your marriage?  Do you just pray when trials and tribulations come and you are feeling overwhelmed?  Or, do you pray when things are good and you want to get yourself prayed up in case you are faced with challenges?  It is important to pray even when things are going great with your mate. You might want to pray for peace in your relationships and understanding your husband’s leadership role, or you may want to pray that your communication between each other improves.

Below are tips to encourage you as you wait for your prayers to be answered:

  1. Daily Commitment- If you want to see a change, you need to do your part every day. Just like you brush your teeth, put on clothes or drink water each day, we need to commit to pray for our marriages as well
  2. Quality Prayer Time- Everyday tasks and responsibilities often keep us from getting everything done on our TO-DO list. In our minds, if we get up and thank God for another day, then we are good. However, it takes more intimate prayer time and meditation with God to really hear what His answers are to our prayers. If it is not possible to pray in the mornings, try doing it at lunch time or in the evenings. However you choose to do it, just be sure you make it a priority in your daily life.
  3. Be Specific- Be as specific as possible in what you are asking God to do in your marriage. Be sure that you include changes that YOU need to make, instead of what you think your spouse should be making
  4. Be Patient- One of the worst things you can do is to rush change. It took time for you to get in that position, and it will take time for you to get out of it. Oftentimes, we get discouraged when things don't change within a week, month or even year in our marriages, so we are ready to give up. STOP! WAIT! Be patient with God and what He is working out in you and your marriage. Don't allow your marriage to waste away when YOU have the power to try and save it. Do your part.
  5. Be Encouraging- Encourage your mate as you pray for your marriage. Don't try to intentionally hurt them or make them feel bad about the things you think they need to change. When you tear them down, you are tearing yourself down as well because you are both one. Keep them encouraged, even when you don't feel like things are changing. Do your part and be proud of your own efforts, then encourage your mate when they make progress.

Be inspired to live the change you wish to see in your mate, and have faith that things will work out.


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    There is book entitled "The best thing I ever did for my marriage". I don' t recall the publishing information, however, it is a "must read" on this topic. You don' t read it all at once. You take each story day by day. It will assist in guiding you through prayer for your marriage. By the time you complete all the stories your prayer life and your marriage will be transformed.
    I don't say changed. It has such a negative connotation. Sometimes I believe just saying it paralyzed people. God wants us to be the best we can be in all things. Including our marriage. Sometimes it requires a transformation to accomplish .
    I thank God everyday all day for my husband. Even when he' s doing something that challenges my love. And most definitely when his love is shown. I must say, I only made it there by reading this book. Try it.

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