Tis the Season...Christmas is coming--and so is College

Tis the Season...Christmas is coming--and so is College

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

This year we've experienced layoffs, pay-freezes, and price increases, however the malls are crowded with shoppers shopping, commercials airing their best deals, the lady from those Target commercials is back and in shape, people are pepper spraying one another, trampling each other and robbing Peter only to discover that Paul was robbed the week before.

There are some who are struggling this season to make ends meet, some who are struggling to have food to eat…

They would all probably say it's because "Tis the Season…"

I'm sure that I'm running the risk of sounding like Yanni the Grinch, but is it really the season to break ourselves in the name of Christmas? To give our children more than what we had but so much less than what we ever had? Does your seven-year –old really need an iPad?

Please understand that I am by no means telling you how to shop for your children, but if I can impart just a little bit of wisdom that I wished my mom would have passed on to me, it is this: Sure, Christmas is coming--and so is college.

I will admit that this is my personal thoughts, but I've always been open with sharing my feelings so why stop now?

As a parent you do the best that you can, when you can, to give your children every opportunity available.

Our babies grow up beyond sitting on Santa's knee and as parents we just do it!

So I will leave you with this: are you giving the gift of what they want now or what they will need later?

It's important to plan for Christmas and beyond; as for my family, this year we are sharing a great meal, fun family time while giving the gift of twogetherness, love, laughter, hugs, kisses as well as the gift of college tuition and books.

Tis' the season, how will you spend yours?




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