Six Ways to Play

Six Ways to Play

By Yanni Brown

One of the most amazing things that a man can do for a woman is
realize that when it comes to lovemaking it is not all about him.

In fact, the benefits are so much better when he realizes that most women are not as complicated as we are portrayed to be.

Simply put, a woman needs to be stimulated on the inside sometimes, where her mental desires are met, resulting in a stimulation of her mind. I would say that we are more like sheet music, to be played harmonically with the right keys.

To love her is to understand the intimacy that will unlock her heart’s song.

Here are six simple suggestions to help you understand your woman’s love song, and how to stroke all the right keys.

1.      Take your time to get to know what she likes. Ask her and then listen to what and where her erogenous zones are and then pique the pallet with the five senses. Adding tasty treats is optional.

2.      Help her with chores. This gives your woman time to wind down from her responsibilities and then wind up for you! Statistics have shown that couples are happier when they share in household chores. Relieve the stress in your relationship by helping her out.

3.   Take the time to make sure that she is completely satisfied. This can be done with soft verbal communication as well as through non-verbal communication. It's okay to ask! (Ladies it is also okay to let him know what
is working and what is NOT working!)

4.   Foreplay is the cornerstone to sensual lovemaking. It can begin as early as your “Good Morning,’ greeting and last with little gestures throughout the day. It's romance that keeps the fire burning. Having a happy home makes lovemaking that much more intense. (Remember the attraction that you felt when you first met? You can have it again!)

5.   Date Night....Date her, wine her, and dine her. Plan a romantic rendezvous, prepare a meal Twogether, take her shopping and let her model clothes for you. She needs her time when she feels special, in a non-sexual way.

6.   Write her a love letter every now and again. Let her know just how much she is appreciated, supported and understood.

Fellas, you see every woman needs to be touched on the inside sometimes, where her mental meets her physical, an appreciation of her mind.

 Try speaking to her in a way that makes her feel like a queen in a world of harmonic bliss. Tune in to her love song and play it so that she’ll never forget.

After all Making Love Better TwoGether is about the journey of getting there Twogether.

These are just a few suggestions on how some couples maintain
a healthy foundation to a happy home.

Please share your suggestions on how you make it all about her or how he's made it all about you!



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