Go Into the New Year with a Clean Heart

Go Into the New Year with a Clean Heart

by Dawgelene “Dr. Dawj” Sangster

As we approach another year and opportunity to live our purpose, consider what your heart looks like. While people can’t literally see your heart, what you say and do are reflections of what is in your heart.

Let’s be real, we go through many things in life that we sometimes allow to shake, or in many cases destroy, the foundation of faith and hope that we thought we had, which sometimes causes our hearts to be bitter.

We look at our circumstances, and focus on the people that have hurt us and the ways that they've been hurtful that it oftentimes distorts our views and feelings of moving past those situations. When we feel like we're “stuck” it opens the door for that bitterness to settle in our hearts. We also allow outside opinions to snatch away any remaining pebbles of hope.

You have to stop NOW!

You CAN get back to where you need to be, but it has to start inside. I have learned over the years that while people are looking outwardly at your life, it is what you allow to collect in your heart and mind that counts.

Your desire to move beyond your painful points and embrace your value and worth will help you get so much further than embracing bitterness of heart.

As you move into another hour, day, week, month and year, work on keeping your heart clean, even in the midst of trials and tribulations. When your heart is right, your spirit is right, and you are in a better position to fully embrace your purpose.

Don’t allow the immediate circumstances to steal your joy, faith, hope, and commitment to being all that you were designed to be in life. Be encouraged to keep your heart clean.

My prayer for you is that you desire to have a pure and clean heart; that you live a life that is pleasing to you and can be an inspiration for others; that you step forward in faith with the strength that you need, believing that your path will be lit; that the road will be there, and that you will receive all that you deserve and more. Amen

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    Really enjoyed , so many truths that we all need to really take to heart and apply continually !!!

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