Six Lessons from the Film "Love Jones"

Six Lessons from the Film "Love Jones"

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

There’s something about the movie “Love Jones” that I simply cannot resist. Yes I have my own copy, but it is without fail that whenever it’s on television, I break out the popcorn and my notebook. Like the title reads, I have a serious “Jones” for this movie.

Over the weekend I watched the movie but this time I decided to tweet what I learned from watching this amazing love story. It is indeed a love story because it encompasses what many relationships endure. It involves poetry, confusion, miscommunication, non-communication, assumption, love, spontaneity, love lost only to discover that it never left.

They just didn’t know how love out loud twogether.

ROMANCE... truly is about the possibility of the thing. From the first time you meet, until the time you say I Do. When people say that romance is dead… The reality is that they’ve exhausted the possibilities.

Here’s what I learned:

Lesson #1

Define your ship! (Relationship/Relations/Ships Passing). Don't assume that you have more or less than what you do because it can and will cause problems down the line.


Effective Communication is the key to a successful relationship. You want to make sure that you are on the same page or have a clear understanding of what you are doing or not doing.


Your Relationship is and should be about MORE THAN JUST a PHYSICAL one. If your relationship is going to last, then it must be something more than sex. Ask yourself “What do you have besides it?”


Your Relationship will encounter conflict. It cannot be resolved by not communicating. In relationships you have to talk it out and work it out. Discuss the issues at hand and offer possible resolutions. A
closed mouth will not get fed!


In relationships you are going to make mistakes. The bigger question becomes, are you Committed to the  commitment? Are you willing to grow from those mistakes to become better twogether?

Lesson #6

Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover that this is the person that you can’t live without. Life is too short and if you are lucky you may get one or two people in your life you will love for the rest of your life.

There were so many lessons to be learned from their relationship in this movie. From listening to that  single girlfriend who’s offering bad advice to being afraid to tell your friends how you really feel about your significant other to not feeling free enough in your ship to discuss what you want or how you feel, the truth of relationships is this…love is what you make it!

Relationships take work, it’s giving and taking while simultaneously giving and taking.

All of these people running around here jumping, skipping, falling in love...falling in love isn’t difficult. Somebody talk to me, please, about how to stay there...

I believe that this is why I love what I do! I enjoy showing couples how to stay there.

There were so many great lines and learning moments in this movie.

We would love to know yours.

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