Living A Creative Life: Tips from Actress/Playwright Regina Taylor

Living A Creative Life: Tips from Actress/Playwright Regina Taylor

by Dawgelene “Dr. Dawj” Sangster

One thing I learned as a child from watching mom, grandma and women in the community is that when women pull together, something magical happens and they WIN.  

I recently attended an event sponsored by a women’s group called WIN, which stands for Women Innovation Network ( 

The lovely founder is Valerie Beck, a beautiful woman who happens to also be the CEO of Chicago Chocolate Tours. When you meet Valerie, you can’t help but adore her because her positive energy and big smile just radiates a room.

When I heard of her monthly networking event for women, Spa and Cupcakes, held inside of the beautiful MySpa, located inside of the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, I set my mind on attending.

This particular event had a special guest, Golden Globe winning actress and playwright, Regina Taylor (, who provided insightful and heartfelt tips on tapping into your inner creativity, and starting with the small things to get you to greater things. Regina gave an account of her earlier years in her career, and the sacrifices she made to excel in her profession.

Several key points she highlighted for women were:

  • Live a Creative Life       
  • Imagine where you want to go, and plan your route for your journey
  • Understand that acting, writing and directing are integral parts of the body, which promote inner creativity

The event was one definitely worth attending, especially since there's so much to learn, and it’s FREE. Other amazing attendees included doctors, accountants, lawyers and other entrepreneurs.  Also of note were Saya Hillman, CEO of Mac and Cheese Productions (, and Chicago CRAVE Queen ( . 

If you are looking to connect with amazing women and CRAVE to connect with your creative side, check these ladies out and attend one of their events. View the video below and tell us what you think.


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    wonderful!! I'll be sure to check out the groups and events. Live a creative life is a motto I live by...

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