Back to School...6 Strategies for Your Kids

Back to School...6 Strategies for Your Kids
The YBF's Jamishia Smith and Six Brown Chicks' Zondra Hughes flank Art For Life students.

Today is the first official day that our Chicago Public School children return to school.

Now as a parent, I must tell you that the first day of school is always a big deal in our house. A week before the children are set to go back to school the house is transformed into a salon, dry cleaning facility, grocery store and school supply mini mart.

This year is no different.

I took to typing my blog late last night because while doing my daughter’s hair I burned three of five of my fingers and I was trying to wait until the pain subsided. Now some of you may feel that the burning of the fingers is a bit extreme, and I would have to agree, it was not my intention but I’m also not a hair stylist either, so I did the best that I could. The look on her face after seeing the transformation was priceless.

So now back to the blog…. Back to School They Go….
Each and every year we are revved up about sending our children back to school. We set them out with new uniforms, outfits, hairdos, fresh haircuts, sneakers, cute kicks, bookbags, school supplies, electronics, computers and whatever else we think that they need for that first day.


I’d like to share six tips to ensure that your children are off to not only a great start but a successful school year.

1. Tell your children that you LOVE and support them.

2. Encourage your child(ren) each and every day to be at their best, and to become leaders and not followers.

3. Remind them that they are beautiful, handsome, awesome even fantastic just the way that they are.

4. Allow them to share their highs and lows of their day with you. You’d be surprised at how willing your children are to share with you when they feel like they can.

5. Have family dinner time. During this time, turn off the cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, the television and the radio and ENJOY each other’s company.

6. Have game night with the family. Board games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry and even Wii games provide a great opportunity to connect as a family.

BONUS…. Get the children involved in extra curricular activities that can stimulate their minds, explore possibilities and spark creativity.

These things may seem time consuming now because we live in a time when time is not always on our side, but I guarantee that you as a parent will see different results if you just take a little time to connect with your children. The thing about children is that they don’t stay children for long.

Before you know it, they are off to college or doing their own thing and won’t need you as much. So take advantage now….

I dedicate this blog to my daughters Aryana N. Minor attends Arizona State and Nia S. Jones who is starting middle school at Chicago Quest (the first technology based middle/high school in Chicago).

They are two wonderful little girls (yeah I know she’s in college but she will always be my little girl), who always keep me grounded, as I strive to be the best Mom, Entrepreneur and example for them that I can be!

So in honor of our children returning to school tomorrow, and even some last week, what encouraging thing or things would you like to say them today?



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