Total Beauty Defeats Ugly Words and Deeds

Total Beauty Defeats Ugly Words and Deeds

By Dawgelene (Dr. Dawj) Sangster

What ugly words have people tried to speak into your life to keep you feeling ugly?

was compelled to write this blog because I think that in this day and
age, it is so important to understand that beauty lies not only on the
outside, but it is a place within you, that has been formed since birth.


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is a part of your personality, value system, attitude, and how you
interact with others. It starts as a child and makes its way with you,
throughout your journey in life.

is, and always will be, a part of your overall spiritual, mental, and
emotional makeup. It is something that we must learn to embrace, no
matter what others think, or regardless of what challenges come our way.

But why does it matter? Why is it important for you to know that you must embrace your whole beauty, not just parts of it?

a child, my grandma spent a lot of time with me talking about values,
faith, and what was right and wrong to do. She was petite (a little
under 5-feet-tall), but she had the most beautiful skin I had ever seen!

facial features, smile, cheek bones, body measurements, and overall
beauty were amazing. She wore little make-up (except to church on
Sundays); because there was no need to further enhance the beauty she
was born with.

in addition to that outer beauty, she had a heart and inner beauty that
shined brighter than the biggest and most expensive diamond. She was
warm and loving, and gave to others not out of obligation, but because
she wanted to give and be a blessing (I guess you can say that I
acquired a lot of my philanthropic ways from her).

Everybody literally loved her because of her heart.

remember seeing her prepare for a church anniversary one Sunday
morning, and she was busy getting dressed. I noticed that she didn't do
her usual ritual of putting on blush and lipstick, so I said, "grandma,
you didn't put on the pretty lipstick and blush. People won't think you
are pretty today."

turned to me with that glowing smile and said, "Baby, my beauty, your
beauty, and beauty in general, are more than what you just see on the
outside. Beauty runs skin deep from within and starts right here (she
gently placed her fingers on my forehead and heart), so believe it".

later, I remembered her words when I was in a domestic violence
situation and was hearing words of destruction in my ears daily.

heard the destruction so much, that I started to believe it. I remember
reaching a breaking point, and zoned out in the midst of those
destructive words one day.

could literally hear her tell me where my real beauty was, and I could
feel her touching my heart and forehead. At that moment, my life

my situation did not change immediately, my mindset and thought process
changed. I began to embrace my beautiful worth daily until I was freed
from that situation permanently.

does your real beauty lie? Do you just look at your own or others outer
beauty, not assessing what they have on the inside?

you pass up opportunities at love because you are looking for some
specific outer qualities? It would be a shame to pass up the right
man/woman, because they didn't look just like the picture perfect model
you see in the magazines.

You do know that most of those pictures are made "perfect" using editing software, right?

must do better with not allowing just the physical outer appearance
dictate what true beauty is. It sends the wrong message to our youth
that look up to us, but it may affect your mental stability if something
ever happens to the physical beauty that you placed so much value and
worth in.

some internal reflecting, praying, and spend some time assessing your
heart, your passion, your value system, and what makes you happy from
the inside out.

When you truly do that from the heart, you will then know and understand the true value in your whole beauty.

Stay Fabulous
Dr. Dawj

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