Nobody's FOOL In Love

Nobody's FOOL In Love

By Dawgelene (Dr. Dawj) Sangster



When will you stop being a fool?

Recently, I thought about April Fool's Day, a day when individuals play jokes or tricks on people and then shout "April Fool!"

The tricks usually lead individuals to think something is real only to learn that someone they may have trusted duped them.

we think about our relationships over the years, how many times have we
actually been duped or made a fool of? How many times could folk have
yelled out, "April Fool, you Fool," after we believed something to be
true that wasn't?

Many of those times that I thought that I was in love, I heard the
words, "you fool."

do we do? Do we stop learning to love or like some people because we
have been hurt or made a fool of by others? No. We continue to press
forward and leave ourselves vulnerable yet again, only to potentially
hear those words again.

continue to give life a chance, and give others a chance to be in our
lives, even at the risk of being made a fool of. We subject ourselves to
this type of "'torture" because many times, we see the potential good
in others and want the best out of our connection. We see something in
the smile, the eyes, and even the smell of that person that says, "I
won't hurt or make a fool out of you," and we want so desperately for it
to be true.

also have hope that maybe this time; this person will not "dupe" us and
leave us wearing the fool's hat. We gamble with it day after day
because we choose to live a life of purpose and like the challenge of
taking chances at love, relationships, and friendships.

you consider leaving the door of opportunity open for making those
connections at love, relationships and friendships, here are a few
things you can do to keep the "fool's hat" off of your head:

  • Take
    your relationships/friendships slow. Don't be quick to give all and
    reveal all when you first meet someone. Allow time to get to know each
    other, and even then, you may not know the person fully, but at least
    give it some time.
  • Ask
    plenty of questions and seek answers to those questions. Don't allow
    questions to go unanswered. Revisit them and ask who, what, when and why
    about that person or situations.
  • Seek
    clarity in your connections. Try to understand and get clarification in
    what is being said, why it is being said, and how it will affect you.
  • If
    it looks like a duck, look closer; it might be a goose. Be watchful of
    those that are quick to get in your inner circle so fast and want to be
    your friend so quickly. What are their motives, what value to they bring
    to you, what do they stand to gain from your connection? I am not
    saying that all people are "wolves in sheep's clothing," but assess why
    the person is seeking to get in your inner circle.
  • Have a zero tolerance for liars. No explanation needed.

I won't be foolish again, what about you?
Stay Fabulous!


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  • Totally relate and thats why I hold no ill feelings toward those of my past nor do I desire to reconcile but wouldn't fall stop of being acquaintances.

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