Give the Gift of a Good Prom Night!

Give the Gift of a Good Prom Night!

By Dr. Dawj

Happy Good Friday everyone!  I consider every day a good day because I am in a place mentally and spiritually where I don't take my life and its purpose for granted.



Photo: James Sangster

For many girls, prom is a milestone event that marks the completion of one chapter and the beginning of another. While many girls have the ability to get what they need for prom, some experience challenges.

Last week I had the pleasure of helping to make prom a memorable experience for over 50 girls from across the greater Chicago metropolitan area, including a group of teen moms.  I partnered with Tiffany Fincher in an effort to provide prom dresses, accessories and powerful workshops.   

I felt it was important to put a lot of effort into this event.  As a teen mom who didn't get a chance to attend my prom, I was proud to give other girls the opportunity that I didn't have.  Also, aside from the dresses and accessories, we wanted them to receive inspiring knowledge that they would remember well beyond prom night.

We enlisted the help of some amazing women.  Danielle Wildman of Goddess Girl magazine, kicked off the event with a discussion on media images.  Bernada Baker, CEO of The Princess Within Foundation, gave a compelling presentation on empowerment and self-love.  Anita C. Williams brought it home by providing three young ladies with stunning make-up transformations.  The day would not have been the same without the awesome emcee Roshanda Payne, who kept the girls on the edge of their seats with excitement.

One of the biggest joys of the event was the team of volunteers, sponsors and donors that showed the girls that there are still good people in this world who care about their success.

A huge thanks must go out to the following: Barbara Bates and Bates Designs, The Artist of East Bank and Pam Hamilton, Bell's 29 Minute Cleaners, Aspirations of Life board of directors, Dunamis Woman, Steed Media Group,, Taylor Made Invites, Old Fashioned Donuts in Roseland, Subway in Roseland, JES Digital Photography, Karizzmatic Impressions, Avent's By August, Yanni Brown, Sara Samuels, Ocea Emmons-Jones, Kenda Prude, Mama Jean's Sweet Things, Roshanda Payne, Danielle Wildman, Six Brown Chicks, Zondra Hughes, Rev. Bernada Baker, Nicole Allen, Leesaviour Scott, Alicia Thomas, Big Girl Cosmetics, Haute Pink Shoes, Paige Bus Company, Aretha Hughes, Gina B., Tiffany Fincher, Anita C. Williams (The Eyes Have It), Cinderella's Boutique, James Sangster, Maria Davalos (the Princess Closet), East Bank Storage, Clodina Correa, Terry Montesano, Drago Batar, Nicole Smith, Governors State Volunteers, Valley Kingdom Ministries, Tailor Rite Cleaners, Maxine's, Macy's, Celeste Williams, Express, Katherine Burns, Diane Hackworth, JC Penney, Women on a Mission, Kelle Holmes, Attorney Bonnie Alexander, Lindsey Norton, Tanisha Carter, Shawn Fincher, Kimberly Pace, Georgette Carter, Karon Clark, Tatiana Gaddis, Tawanah Simmons, Ms. Brown, Cheronda Everett, Alison Jenkins, Amber Hayes, Lauren Bowman and Sassy'riez.

The assistance doesn't have to end with our event. If you can help a young person by providing them with apparel or whatever they need, I encourage you to do so.  If you have fond memories of your prom and graduation season, please do your part to help make it happen for someone else.



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  • Dawj.... your prom event was awesome! My daughter assisted due to needing community service hours but it was more than that for her. She learned the power of giving and how that truly impacts the lives of those in need. She only wished that she attended this type of event last year. Of course I would have had to pull her out the house kicking and screaming because it was a Free event and for some folks when they hear free they automatically must be cheap. She was shocked to find out that it was quality apparel, shoes, make-up, etc... Now, she has a dress that cost us $430 hanging in her room, never to be worn again. Where were you when I needed you! Keep up the great work.

    By the way, you forgot to mention that I donated my pedicure services to a deserving student, Shoya's Shoe & Nail Salon. :) I know you forgot, I'm more than just a writer.

    Your Fellow Brown Chick

  • Look for the updated blog with pics fabulous!

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