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The Art of Public Speaking

Did you know most Americans fear public speaking more than they fear death?  If you are one of the many, fear not!  I am one of those who does not enjoy speaking in front of large audiences, so I wanted to share my favorite tips and tricks that I use to help make public speaking a... Read more »

The 10 Best iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

From games to ringtones to mobile banking, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of applications in the Apple App Store. But why not use these user-friendly apps to your advantage? It seems like there is an app for everything–and lucky for us, it makes everyday living and working even easier. Here are... Read more »

How To Land Your Dream Job in 2012

In today’s (or any!) economy, searching for a job can be overwhelming. There are times when it may feel like you are competing against every qualified candidate and there is no way to make yourself stand out. Here are some of my favorite tips for a successful job search in 2012: DO: -Utilize job sites... Read more »