Hierarchy Stops Here

A major factor in the success of making your employees happy is balancing their work world and their private lives. As a young, urban professional, I understand that the world of work culture is rapidly changing with the emergence of a more playful and fun work environment. There are many small and simple steps to building a happy culture within the workplace.

First, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Showing your employees that you respect them is one of the biggest influences you can have on your team. Keeping employees happy is all about showing that you care about them. Respect their time off, respect their personal lives and respect them as adults. No employee should be treated as though they are being babysat; instead treat them as a capable and valuable individual. And just because we are in the days of the smartphone and capability to work anytime, does not mean we should! Unless there is an emergency, do not contact your employees outside of work hours so that they have time to recharge their batteries. In addition, avoid being passive aggressive. If you have an issue, address it right away and in a professional manner. The habit of being passive aggressive is juvenile and it creates a hostile environment. When you are upfront and honest with your employees, you establish an open workplace where employees feel comfortable.

Next, crying on the job. It’s not something you want to happen everyday, but don't frown upon it right away either. While managers typically disapprove of their employees shedding tears in their cubicles, I think it can be an effective way to understand how your employees really feel. At times, crying on the job is caused by a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. Acknowledging these tears can often lead to the root of the problem and improve your and/or your employees work life.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t pass it up, either. Paying attention to the small tasks and accomplishments that your employees work on can make all the difference. Rewarding your employees with small gifts or even just a quick “Hey, nice job on that campaign design” can strongly resonate with them. And tiny tokens of appreciation can’t hurt either. Why not give a new employee a gift card for lunch or for a manicure? These are things that can improve employee morale while also making them realize that you appreciate their time out of the office.

What are your favorite tips & tricks for keeping the workplace positive?


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