Calm, Cool & Collected

One of the biggest things to learn when entering the corporate world is how to stay calm, cool and collected under pressure. Any job, whether it is working for yourself, being the boss, or having 10 bosses, will have stressful situations. Most often, these stressful times pop up out of nowhere and you don't see them coming. That is why it is so important to know how to handle tricky situations and come out looking cool as a cucumber!

I will be the first to admit - this was not always easy for me. Starting a business entirely on my own was stressful enough, but add unforeseen challenges to the mix, and I was sometimes a complete mess. Through the years I have learned that these situations happen to everyone and usually you can benefit from them (yes, I said benefit.)

The most important thing to do first is to take a deep breath. This may seem obvious but it is the most vital! Take a deep breath, calm down and think of how you are going to respond. When we are stressed we don't take deep enough breaths, which in turn, doesn't give our brain enough oxygen to think clearly.

Get to the root of the issue. Did someone send you an e-mail that irked you? Did an employee miss a deadline? Stop and think - does it really matter that much in the scheme of things? If the situation is beyond your control, you may want to shake it off. Always look at the bigger picture and see what needs to be done to get on the right track. Think of how you want to approach the situation – losing control, yelling and getting angry is never the best route.

To tackle the problem at hand, take one step at a time. It will only make you more stressed out if you try to fix everything at once. So map out how you want to handle the crisis and do the most important tasks first. Once you start to get the ball rolling on the important things, you can begin to relax. If you have some time - go for a quick walk outside. It will help clear your head and leave you refreshed when you sit back down to fix the issue.

Most importantly, be realistic about the issue at hand.? Are problems occurring because you are over-scheduled? Adding too many tasks to your to-do list is a sure-fire way to lose your cool. Only accept projects that you know you will be able to complete - and do a great job!

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