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Time versus Money

GUEST POST BY GREG WALSTRA Itʼs the conclusion that all busy and affluent people come to at some point in life: Once you have more money than you need, money is no longer the most precious resource you must save up and spend wisely. Time is the only resource for which there is an unchangeable... Read more »

Calm, Cool & Collected

One of the biggest things to learn when entering the corporate world is how to stay calm, cool and collected under pressure. Any job, whether it is working for yourself, being the boss, or having 10 bosses, will have stressful situations. Most often, these stressful times pop up out of nowhere and you don’t see... Read more »

Don't Let the Audience See You Sweat

Public speaking can be a stressful and daunting task, no matter what industry you work in. Many of us have taken a speech class in college or a speech seminar at work, but public speaking really comes down to one thing: confidence. You may have heard the age-old points to “imagine the audience naked” or... Read more »

Sifting to Simplify

The single most important aspect to succeeding at your job is being organized. Yet, for many people, it’s a nearly impossible task that creates more stress than it relieves. Being organized is key to staying on track when it comes to tackling various assignments (aka. multi-tasking!). The overall benefit is a stress-reduced work environment and... Read more »

Hierarchy Stops Here

A major factor in the success of making your employees happy is balancing their work world and their private lives. As a young, urban professional, I understand that the world of work culture is rapidly changing with the emergence of a more playful and fun work environment. There are many small and simple steps to... Read more »

From the Big Apple to The Best City

I am so excited to begin this new adventure – “Sink or Swim Chicago” on ChicagoNow! I will start off by giving a little background on myself, my agency and why I decided to start this blog. My name is Caitlin Hofherr and I am a Millennial-generation Chicago native, born and bred. I attended college... Read more »