Dating Safety Tips You Can Use

Dating Safety Tips You Can Use

You met Mr. Right online and you can't wait to meet him in person. Great, offline dating can be fun but a few precautions should be taken. First, to re-state the obvious, you should always make the first meeting in a public place. That age-old idea of going 'out to eat' doesn't sound so bad right now. It's not about the meal, it's about getting to know the character of your date. Look for any red flags that might arise. Is he polite or does he speak in a disrespectful or demeaning manner? Is he calm or easily excited?

Yes, it could be his personality but you should take more time to get to know him before getting comfortable. Consider making the first meeting a group date. Make sure to guard your personal information. It's okay to be on a first name only basis with a first date. I realize a lot of ladies would love to be picked up at their front doors but this isn't the 19th century. Ladies, you should provide your own transportation and meet him at the agreed upon destination. Chivalry can go full throttle after you know him better.

You should remain sober and alert. Don't get separated from your personal belongings (i.e. cell phone, keys, wallet, purse) and always carry enough money to cover the date or get home in case he walks out or stands you up. It's sad to say but these precautions are necessary. If you do have a bad experience, you can report relationship scams to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. You can also report online crimes to the FBI by contacting the Internet Crime Complaint Center (

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