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The Bad Break Up Toolkit

Once upon a time I had a track record where I was proud to say “I have never been dumped”.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I could easily move on to the next relationship because I had been the one who decided I didn’t want the relationship, so I was able to walk... Read more »

Relationship Status: "Taken" (For Granted.)

I have not dated seriously in the age of Facebook.  I’ve never had the opportunity to set a profile picture of the boyfriend and me on the shores of Nassau drinking Mai Tai’s, or the thrill that must come from changing my relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship” (or even better, from “in... Read more »

Calamities in Dating Episode 1: "Love is Blind"

We all know that bad dates make the best stories and since I didn’t post last week I figured I’d share one of my own dating calamities. I’ve always had my reservations about dating online.  Nothing against those who’ve done it, but it just wasn’t for me.  My friends attributed my singledom to the fact... Read more »

Some Assembly Required

My morning routine begins by pressing play on my Rihanna Spotify station.  Somewhere between brushing my teeth and “Go Go Gadget, Flat Irons!” I convert into the uber fabulous Crystal that I prefer to present to the world.  This morning Beyonce’s “Upgrade You” shuffled into play.  And it got me thinking about the changes we... Read more »

For Training Purposes Only

Saffron and Fuchsia.   Those are my wedding colors.  The Harold Washington library.  That’s where the wedding will take place, amongst all the great love stories.  My best friend, Laura.  She’s my maid of honor.  And Myla, Ashley, Ellissa, and Rihanna will all be my flower girls. I’ll count on  Marques and Chuck to make sure... Read more »

Valentines Day: "Exposing Relationships faux pas since 1850"

It is rumored that Eskimos have a plethora of words that all mean “snow.”  However, I am certain that we have developed twice as many words, sentences and phrases that all mean “relationship.”  Since yesterday was Valentine’s day, my Facebook newsfeed has been overwhelmed with lovey-dovey status updates, pictures of fancy dinners, receipts from gifts... Read more »

Fight or Flight?

One day I woke up and decided I wanted to go to law school.  I went through the motions and the excessive amounts of money it takes to even apply to law school and began my journey.  People were confused.  So you want to be a lawyer now?  And I’d say “well I want to... Read more »

"Preparing for Take Off": Get Ready for the Relationship You Want!

So you’re single, but has it occurred to you that maybe you SHOULD be! Now, put down the glass of wine and if you’re hunched over like Quasi Modo, straighten up!  We’ve got work to do! Whether you are newly single or you’ve been in this…uh…”condition” for a while, take this time to assess who you were/are in a relationship, what... Read more »

Don't Look Down

I am afraid of heights.  From the banister at the mall, to random balconies, ladders, bridges, and even the two steps I managed to scale during rock climbing.  The chant from onlookers well aware of my fear has always been the same: “Just don’t look down!”  Yeah.  Sounds easy.  The thing is, my fear of... Read more »