Tiny Personifications of Time

Tiny Personifications of Time

Children are just that: tiny personifications of time. You can't believe how big they are because you can't believe that much time has already passed. You blink and they go from baby-shaped to kid-shaped.

Two years ago today, our son, Harrison, was born. Our whole world changed. We became parents. We were suddenly responsible for another life on this planet.

One year ago today, we found out via home pregnancy test that our first birthday gift to our son was a sibling. We were shocked. Thrilled, of course, but also shocked.


Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party

Today, we have two beautiful boys. Harrison and Jonathan will grow up together and hopefully be best buddies. Two kids in two years is a game-changer. Our lives are crazy and chaotic and full of laughs and snuggles and the occasional spectacular tantrum. Some of our friends have drifted away, probably because we're a bit harder to relate to for them right now. Going places and attending events has become a difficult endeavor, but one we try to accomplish as often as possible. We go on big road trips, we use FaceTime with family, we tag friends in for help from time to time.

As my friend, Lindsay, said, "The days are long, but the years are short." I try to live by that on the days full of tantrums and meltdowns. I try to fit in extra snuggle time when one of the boys just wants to be held, even if I'm feeling like I just need to nap alone because they won't always want to snuggle with me. They're already growing too fast because time refuses to stand still.

I can hardly believe Harrison is two years old today. Looking at him, though, he's suddenly a kid. He's walking, running, dancing. He's counting, announcing letters, trying to put sentences together. He's problem solving, engineering, building. He's smart and sweet and beautiful and funny. I can hardly believe my luck. His tantrums are that of legend, but I know they come from a frustrated place. Someday he'll be able to tell us why he's so frustrated and maybe that will help. He's passionate and sensitive, but also quick to forgive and forget. I am so excited to continue to find out who he is.

Perhaps this post is a bit disjointed. Mom Brain tends to flit from thought to thought. I just wanted to jot down how I was feeling because before you know it, he'll be 16... 18... 30... His life will change and I hope he'll want me to continue to be a part of it. I'll snuggle his children and tell them about the things he did when he was little. I'll keep watching my little personification of time as he grows and learns, and I'll always have open arms for him to snuggle into.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my wonderful boy.

Harrison David is here! 024

July 1st, 2014: The day we became parents.








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