To My Valentine: Are We Ready to Have Another Baby?

To My Valentine: Are We Ready to Have Another Baby?

I'm writing this in advance because I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant (I'll be 37 weeks when this is published) and our first son was born at 37 weeks, so who's to say his brother won't be early, too? That's right. I said, "our first son." We're about to be parents all over again.


An open letter to my husband:

For one of our earliest Valentines' Days, I remember being so proud that I bought you Robocop on DVD. We were poor college kids, living a day-to-day kind of life in Daytona, Florida, waiting for the government to call you with a date for Air Traffic Control Academy (or Starfleet Academy, as we often called it). You got me  a stuffed devil because of my favorite line delivery in the movie America's Sweethearts, and flowers. We probably had chicken wings that night from SouthTurn. That couple, though still very much like us, is so different now.

This Valentines' Day, I'm growing you another son, I'm giving you a cologne you ran out of years ago that reminds me of our earliest days together, and I'm grateful for another year to love you. You gave me a minivan. What an incredible gift to accommodate our growing family, not to mention, it allows me the ability to get out of the house with the kids when I start getting cabin fever. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

This Valentines' Day, who knows whether we will have one child or two? Who knows whether I'll go into labor at any moment? Only the baby thinking about making his debut, I guess. Regardless, we'll be together for our eleventh Valentines' Day, and we'll spend it watching movies or eating something delicious at home in case this baby decides he has plans for us today. I'm sorry we won't be able to go to the Chicago Auto Show, a tradition of ours for some years now. I'm sorry we won't be able to go to the movies, or on a day trip, or something requiring a babysitter and any kind of mobility on my part. I know I've been cranky and in pain and emotional. You've been more than understanding about all of that. You've even helped me with all the crazy nesting things I've wanted to do, building furniture and rearranging the house until I finally looked around and smiled and said, "I think we're ready, don't you?"


That's the question: Are we ready?

Looking around our house, yes, we're ready. We have a bassinet, a crib, clothes, the whole nine. Since the boys will only be about 19 months apart, we did all this not too long ago. We're physically prepared.

Looking at me, yes, we're ready. Good God, I'm so ready to evict this guy, and I know you're probably pretty done with this pregnancy as well. It's been a brutal one; from sickness and weight loss, to Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction and pain, this has been a much more difficult pregnancy than the first one.

Looking at our hearts, yes, I'd still say we're ready. It's going to be different, having two. It's going to be challenging and beautiful and so many things. It's going to mean less sleep when we already don't sleep a lot, and it's going to mean trying to remember the things we learned and then dumped from our heads about newborns only two short years ago. But we're going to add more to love into our house. We're going to have a family of four. We're going to have more coos and snuggles and firsts. We're going to watch our son become a big brother and interact with his new little brother. We're going to see them grow together, play together, talk to each other. You and I, side by side, will make the choices that keep them healthy and safe, and we'll take them on adventures and introduce them to the best things in life. We get to experience so many things through their eyes together and I simply can't wait.

Are we ready? Yes. Happy Valentines' Day to the love of my life and the man I'm so proud to have become a parent with.

Sorry I let everyone on the internet read your letter.






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