Star Wars: A Geek Parenting Win (Spoiler-Free)

Star Wars: A Geek Parenting Win (Spoiler-Free)

In the heyday of our geeky coupledom, Ryan and I would go and see a movie we had been excitedly anticipating several times in the theaters. This was actually something we had done separately and then enjoyed together, which is great. We discovered we'd both seen Moulin Rouge in the theater five times well before we met, and I added that to the pile of reasons we'd be together forever. We saw The Dark Knight Rises at the midnight showing, again at the 6am showing, and again that afternoon. We flew to L.A. to see Star Trek: Into Darkness with one of our oldest friends, Brian, who flew to Chicago last week to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with us. Movies are serious business for us. However, seeing movies now, as parents, without family around to babysit, is quite a challenge.

Luckily for us, we have great friends. One such friend, Lisa, was willing to trek out to our place to hang out with Harrison so we could see The Force Awakens on Thursday the 17th. Unfortunately, she got stuck in horrendous traffic and the time we had estimated we would need to leave the house to make it to the movie on time came and went. Panic set in, as we were meeting up with five others at the theater, and Ryan had everyone's tickets! I sent Ryan on ahead with Brian and our friends, Chad and Yujia, and I offered to drive myself separately whenever I could get away. Ryan was sad to leave me behind, but was so grateful. They all got to the theater around 6:30 for the 7pm showing, and I arrived at 6:55! Talk about cutting it close! Whew!


Without giving away any of the plot of the film, let me simply say I enjoyed it. There's a scene that made me question whether "enjoy" is the right word to use, but overall, I did enjoy the movie. I laughed, I cried, I sat forward and ate my popcorn too quickly: all signs of a great movie.

The next day, Ryan and Brian and Chad saw it again at 9am while I stayed behind with the little guy. At 1:50 that afternoon, I saw it again with Brian and our friends, Travis and Melanie, while Ryan stayed with our baby boy. That night, Ryan dropped Brian off at the airport to join his family for the holidays and caught it one more time at 9pm. At each subsequent viewing, we grew to like the movie even more, though more questions arose as well. It was a great setup for the rest of the films to come.


We realized the next day what a geeky parenting accomplishment we had pulled off! We high-fived over our ability to schedule, time-manage, improvise, and relish in something we have loved for so long. We managed to see the new Star Wars movie a total of five times between the two of us within the first weekend of its' release! Woohoo! I'm proud of us. I hope you see it, or have already seen it, and that you enjoyed it. I raise my glass to a new generation of Star Wars films that feel like legitimate Star Wars films! Huzzah!


Until next time... "Chewie... we're home."



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