Bonus Post: "I Left the House!" Jurassic World (No Spoilers)

Bonus Post: "I Left the House!" Jurassic World (No Spoilers)
Just me and Chris Pratt, hanging with raptors.

Oh man. I went into the theater at Navy Pier last night clutching my 3D glasses, a bucket of popcorn, and no expectations whatsoever. People told me Jurassic World would probably be terrible. I shrugged, since "terrible" movies can often be very fun (see: The Last Stand, Escape Plan, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... shut up, I liked it). Guys, I had SUCH a good time.

Without giving away any spoilers for you, let's just say, they had me. I'm not usually one for 3D movies, either, but a raptor claw coming at you makes it worth it. I quite literally dodged things and cringed in my seat. I held my husband's hand until he politely removed it from my tightening grasp. I held my breath when the lead characters were in danger, and I sat forward a little when the dinosaurs weren't in sight. It was like a show at Universal Studios for me. I truly loved it.

I didn't grow up on Jurassic Park. I saw parts of it at a friend's house once and asked if we could go play on the tree swing in her yard instead. I didn't see it in its' entirety until I was about 23. That being said, I didn't go into it with the high hopes and crushable dreams of those who idolized JP since childhood. Perhaps that makes me more enthusiastic. That seems to happen with me and a lot of remakes or sequels of things. We were an old-school Disney household. I'm not talking The Lion King, here. I'm talking Pollyanna, The Ugly Dachshund, The Parent Trap. I didn't see classic films like Indiana Jones or Star Wars until I was 22. However, once I saw them, I was head over heels in love with them. Catching up on the movies I missed has made my adulthood more like a second childhood. It's a blessing and a curse. I find I adore certain films, and don't really get the appeal in others (like The Dark Crystal. Meh. Not my cup of tea. Sorry, kids). Jurassic Park was a little dark, but I did like it. Jurassic World was a nice mix of Jurassic Park and a slightly-campy family film. It was funny sometimes, scary sometimes, and a fun ride. I highly recommend it. I can't wait to see it again!




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