Single Advice: Banishing the June Bride Blues!

"Here comes the bride, here comes the bride, here comes the bride...." and once again it's not you. It's that time of year again for flowers, showers, and celebrations for upcoming nuptials of close friends, relatives, or social media associates, and you're on the sideline watching in envy. For many women, this season brings about feelings of despondency and self-doubt because they desire marriage but have not yet been found by their soulmate. So they slip into the sunken place of "woe is me", and suffer from internal pity parties simply because their time has not come. So ladies, what's the remedy for the case of the June Bride Blues and getting rid of them for good? Read below.

    1. Have a new outlook on what the month and season means. June sparks the season of growth. Growth springs forth new beginnings, and takes you out of your comfort zone. This is the sixth month of the year. It's the time where you can reflect on personal goals you've set. Did you achieve what you wanted during the first half of the year? If not, reset your mind and get to it! Instead of moping about not being married, focus on becoming a more fabulous you for yourself and those around you, and finish the year strong.
    2. Embark on a new adventure this month that scares the Hell out of you! Why? Because marriage is something new for both parties involved that will take them out of their comfort zones, filled with sacrifice, compromise, and uncertainties. Delving into something you've never experienced will force you out of your comfort zone to challenge and change you for the many adventures you'll experience on your own.
    3. If weddings give you the blues take some time to discover why. Engage in some intense self-care and reflection. Or you can talk things over with a close friend, spiritual counselor, or a therapist. If you find yourself losing yourself to seasonal affective disorder, seek help internally or externally to get to the root of the problem so you can live happily ever present in your single state.
    4. The month's birthstone is the pearl. Pearls represent purity, honesty, and calmness. Spend some time this season purging your negative thoughts about being single and replacing them with positive ones. For each day of the month write one thing you love about yourself and being single. Place them in an area where you frequent (in your bathroom at home, on your desk at work, in your car, etc.), and at the end of the month recap all of those things you wrote. You can even add to them, create a scrapbook for them, or make a singles board! Continue this practice until you see the beauty of your single status during every season of the year. Next, spend some time evaluating who you are as an unmarried woman, discover what your purpose is during this season, and evaluate your reasons for desiring marriage. Many women believe they want to be married for various reasons, but in all honesty a lot of them simply want a wedding. And to be perfectly honest, all they're prepared for is a wedding. Buuut that's another blog post. 

This time of the year can be difficult as you stand by watching others enjoy the desires of your heart. But, you have the option to celebrate with them, celebrate yourself knowing that you're worth the wait, or you can sit idle and let this time pass you by. No matter what your relationship status is, learn to live happily ever present, honoring the person you are and becoming better each day.


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