Rules to Living Single!

IIII'mmmmm BAAACCCKK!!! I know it's been quite a while since I've written anything about anything, but I'm back and ready with a renewed spirit to help any single along the way. During my brief hiatus I often thought about how my fellow single sisters were doing on this wonderful, yet tumultuous journey we call "The Single Life". I also took some time to think about how many of us live our lives according to the rules and regulations of society, which prompted this blog post.

During these past years I've had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring many single women about how to live their best single lives God's way, and it was an eye opening experience. I discovered that many women don't understand the beauty of living single because they're focused on meeting standards others have set for them, they're too busy explaining why they're single, or they're ashamed of it. This saddened my spirit. Why? Because so many women fail to realize that this moment in their lives is sacred, and should be lived and celebrated to the fullest! After learning this, I decided to set some rules of my own for living single that'll defy the laws of social order, and uplift the hearts of singles to show them that living single is not just a relationship status, but it's a way of life that should be valued.

Rule 1: Understand what it means to live single. Living single does not mean you're constantly on the hunt for a relationship. Nor does it mean you're worthless because you don't have one. It means you are a priceless gem with a distinct purpose to fulfill. Seek out your soul purpose. Live in it. Walk in it. Serve in it. Then you'll understand your singleness to the fullest.

Rule 2: Enjoy It! So many of us have our hearts and minds centered on marriage that we miss out on enjoying our single status. There are so many things to do, learn and see during this time of life and we should take FULL advantage of them without burdening ourselves with thoughts of marriage. Take a minute to change your focus from living happily ever after in marriage to living happily ever present in singleness. I guarantee your life will change for the better.

Rule 3: Don't Explain it! "I'm single because there aren't any good men out here", "I'm single because I want to be", "I'm single because I don't want my heart to be broken...again"...STOP! Just...STOP! You don't owe anyone an explanation about your relationship status. And if they ask you why you're single, simply tell them, "Ask God why I'm still single".

Rule 4: Be Proud of it! So many women are compelled to justify their relationship status because of they're insecurities about being single, which stem from their lack of understanding it. There is nothing wrong with being single, and there's nothing wrong with you because you're single. It is a gift to be honored and cherished just as much marriage. Take some time to understand your single purpose so you can live, serve and walk in it proudly.

Rule 5: Learn From It! There's a myth in the air that says being single prepares you for marriage. I beg to differ. Being single prepares you for whatever God has for you in your next phase of life. Everything you experience during this time is a lesson to make you a better person for your purpose. With each relationship gone wrong, each broken engagement, each intimate encounter learn from it. Grow from it. Take your lessons to the next level, and delve deeper into your purpose.

I'm sure there are other rules to live by for living your best single life, but if you start with these handful, you'll start to see positive changes in your life. Start living your life happily ever present in the presence of God so you can truly begin to live. What are some single rules you live by?

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