What Do the "Lonely" Do...On Valentines Day?

Black woman on Vday

For decades, February 14th has been dubbed the most romantic day of the year. It's the day where couples celebrate their love, roses are delivered, and it's a number of jewelry stores personal 'Black Friday'. This is the one time of the year where gestures of love stream through the air with a variety of expressions of love, however, many people do not have someone to share their romantic gestures of love with on St. Valentines Day.

For some singles, it's not a huge deal not to have a Valentine, but for others it is. Many uncoupled individuals have a difficult time handling particular days such as this because they feel unloved, don't have a mate, or they've experienced a recent heartbreak and they fall into the Valentines Day slump. Fortunately for those who can't face being single on Valentines Day (or any other day) there are many ways you can give love, receive it, and avoid the single slump during this time of the year by doing one, if not all, of the following...

1. Don't Purposely Look For a Date.
Seeking out companionship for this one day to have dinner, and possibly receive a gift is not the way to make you feel any better about your relationship status. In fact it may make you feel worse. Why? Because the person you went out with may not be interested in you romantically, or the simple date can turn into an evening of unexpected events that can lead into breakfast...and you may not be emotionally prepared to deal with the aftermath. So don't look for a date for this one day, but wait patiently for your mate to find you to shower you with dates you deserve throughout the year.

2.Plan to Do Something Out of the Ordinary with Other Single Friends.
If you know you don't have anything going on for V-Day start looking up fun, and adventurous things for you and a couple of your single friends to do and go for it! There's nothing like spending a day dedicated to love with the ones you love outside of family. Whether it's something well thought out or spontaneous grab a group of friends and enjoy this time together.

3. Play Cupid for the Day!
Valentines Day is one day set aside to show love, so you should do just that! Pick someone you know who's single and may struggle with this day, and then send them something nice to brighten their mood. You can also visit a nursing home, or homeless shelter and bring cards with you to give to the elderly or those without homes. Love is all about sacrificing yourself for the benefit of another, so why not render a special gesture to someone else, rather than feeling sorry for yourself.

4. Love Yourself...
If you don't have any special plans with a special interest, make some with the one you love the most...You! Order your favorite meal (or cook it), go shopping, or take a trip to the spa! Whatever your heart desires do it to the fullest. You deserve it. Take some time to love and pamper yourself, not only on this day but everyday. The only way you'll recognize true love when it comes your way is if you love yourself first. For all of those who will be celebrating Valentines Day without a lover don't be upset about it. Remember that this is only one day, and if your heart so desires the time will come when you too will celebrate not only this day of love, but a lifetime filled with it.

Happy Valentines Day from Simply Single!

Liz Lampkin is the Author of the practical-life book Are You a Reflection of the Man You Pray For? a motivational speaker who encourages women to live their best single life according to God's will. Her passion is to inspire singles to search their souls. Follow her on Twitter @Liz_Lampkin.

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