Thanksgiving Day NFL Picks

Thanksgiving Day NFL Picks

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! For those of you that are working hard basting and cooking the turkey to a beautiful golden brown, mixing all the ingredients for the perfect stuffing and opening the lid of your cranberry sauce, you're all heroes and your families owe you a lifetime of gratitude. But for the rest of you, put your sweatpants on and watch some football!

Packers (+7) OVER LIONS

Matt Flynn is quite the journeyman. After a ridiculous game at Green Bay, Matt Flynn got $30M to go to Seattle, only to follow that with a trip to Oakland, a brief stop at Buffalo, and, finally, a return to Green Bay. His first game back last week had him lead the hapless Packers to a 16 point comeback before an eventual tie in overtime. And while that tie should be underwhelming, since the Bears and Lions seem intent on giving away the NFC North, the tie actually allowed the Packers to GAIN 0.5 games in the standings. Matt Flynn is a phenomenon, terrible for 31 teams and really good for 1. Meanwhile, the only tradition as sacred as turkey is the Lions blowing their Thanksgiving game.

Raiders (+9.5) OVER COWBOYS

This is perfect. The Cowboys have one measly win over a Giants team that everybody (myself included) was getting WAY too excited about, and now everybody is back to thinking they could win the East. But this is the perfect game for them to blow: a team with a decent running game and a defense that can create turnovers off Romo. The Cowboys' favorite time to lay a stinker is when everybody is watching.

Steelers (+3) OVER RAVENS

Homer alert! Full disclosure, I'm way too excited about the Steelers after their 3 straight wins. Since a throttling of Buffalo, the Steelers defense has looked more like what were used to. Polamalu looks like his old MVP form and the linebackers are back to harassing opposing quarterbacks. Big Ben has found his new Hines Ward in the slot workings of Jerricho Cotchery. L'eveon Bell looks like a soon-to-be Pro-Bowler and Antonio Brown is torturing defenses. The only concern is that a week after Calvin Johnson nearly put up 200 yards in the first half, Josh Gordon put up 237. The good news for Pittsburgh is that Baltimore doesn't have any receiver nearly as dangerous. The Steelers win and help me have a great Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the sweatpants, hope the waistbands are elastic.

Last Week: 7-7

Season: 85-86-6

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