Breaking Bad Prediction

Breaking Bad Prediction

I've made a lot of predictions in this space. Some great ! Some close, and others that already look pathetic. So I might as well venture away from sports and try my prediction on a finale everybody is trying to figure out... Breaking Bad.


Sunday night, we open on a desert strewn with bodies. Police carefully go about their crime scene investigation. What a massacre! Just not the massacre we were expecting.

Body bags zip up the remainder of Declan’s murdered crew. An underground meth lab give evidence to the motive, but they must look elsewhere for evidence on the perpetrators. The isolated desert locale didn’t offer much for witnesses, but maybe the local townspeople saw something, anything that could help.

Luckily at a local diner, a nervous young waitress recalls a scary group of men she hadn’t seen before. Even luckier, the old diner’s outdated flushing technology left a bloody tissue that tells law enforcement they found their man. End of teaser.

Poor Hank. How did this happen? A moment ago was the most victorious of his life. Now, he cowers underneath his DEA armored car. The firing stops and the dust settles. The desert returns to quiet.

Hank lays wounded and shocked. Memories of past shootouts and Tortuga's exploding head in El Paso flood a panicked man who is no stranger to past panic attacks. Hank slowly comes to realize the firing has stopped. Did Gomie and he get those neo-Nazi bastards? Hank's won before, outgunning Tuco Salamanca in a familiar desert setting and taking out the Cartel Cousins without his own gun. A hopeful Hank turns to find Gomie, but he finds his faithful partner maimed.

The hope fades. If only he had told his boss, if only he had called Marie from the car, if only he would have figured out Walt earlier in the past year...

A hand yanks him out from under the car. The ugly, evil face of Todd's uncle Jack stares menacingly. Jack opens the door to see if his efforts bore fruit or if his prized cook was caught in the crossfire. Walt lays face down in the car, paralyzed and overwhelmed.

A frightened Walt stays panicked. This was not what he wanted. For the first time, something didn't go to plan. Walt fancies himself the type that has everything under control, an astute professional like Gus Fring.  Now he has been betrayed by his most loyal partner and utterly disobeyed by his flunky hitmen.

Walt gets one more tragic look at a bloody and defeated Hank. A fatal shot is fired, by Albuquerque's most polite murderer, Todd.

Holding back tears and fury, Walt remembers Jesse. The last we saw of him, he was reaching for the door handle in Gomie's car. Could he possibly escape? One would understand if the Nazis divert their attention from the kid in the car toward the pair of agents shooting at them. But that's a lot of desert to traverse.

Todd finds Jesse behind a rock and aims to kill, before Walt screams "No!" Unlike his Uncle Jack, Todd listens when Mr. White speaks. Walt wants Jesse to be kept alive. What's it matter anymore? His decisions were made to protect his family and now his family has lost a member. Plus, the prideful Walt still needs to convince Jesse why everything he did was right.

The Nazis don't worry much about cleaning up. No barrells of acid needed for this crew. They leave the mess behind along with the money, Jesse realizing he'd rather keep that money buried than in their hands... for now.

But now caught back in a lab with Mr. White, his mind changes. This can't be happening. From throwing millions out the window to confessing the history of Heisenberg, Jesse wants nothing more than to put this all in the past. He would have done so, but he couldn't hop in that van knowing the devil roamed free.

Now he has the opportunity to leave it all while destroying everything Mr. White has worked for. Jesse, who has hatched some brilliant ideas recently (magnets, bitch!), bargains. He tells Uncle Jack the reason their rendezvous was in the desert. Jack wasn't interested in money for the hit on Jesse, but the going rate for murder pales in comparison to seven 55 gallon barrels of cash. Now Jesse has Uncle Jack's attention. The neo-Nazis leave to dig up the dough.

But Todd isn't interested in money. He still strokes lipstick stain from Lydia’s coffee mug. He aims to win her heart the way most men in average society seek courtship, by learning how to cook. He insists he stays to continue his lessons from Mr. White and Jesse.

Two things Walter is great at… chemistry and manipulation. Working with eager-for-approval Todd in a lonely isolated laboratory is cakewalk for Heisenberg. His old friend, phosphorous gas, works just as it did for Emilio and Crazy-8. Jesse and Walt gun down the remaining guards, and Walt gets to keep that fancy new machine gun to eventually throw into Mr. Lambert’s trunk. Jesse and Walt

Meanwhile, blissfully unaware Marie goes to the car wash to gloat to Skyler. Hank is booking Walter now, and her fall is soon to follow.

Fortunately, the diner waitress identified the car, and a security camera caught the plates. En route to the money, cops swam on Uncle Jack and crew. They find the coordinates which means they find the two slain DEA agents.

Walt meets with Saul with the sad acceptance that he can never return home. The two depart as Walt heads to catch the roadside van and Saul heads to his own spinoff.

Lydia learns of Todd’s demise. Her powerful Czech bosses won’t take kindly to their crystal blue supply shutting off. Fidgety Lydia remembers Jess is out there and the only cook remaining. No more hiding from violence, as Lydia tracks and threatens Jesse forcing him to cook. I mean, none of you really think he’s going to be a Starbucks barista, right?

Skyler learns of Hank’s death. Now her affair, Ted Beneke, is paralyzed, her brother-in-law is dead, and her husband is responsible for it all. The poor woman who smoke while pregnant or drank bottles of win to deal with her victimhood turns to pills and drowns herself in the pool.

Mr. Lambert from New Hampshire visits an unfamiliar home where an old woman answers. Walt promised to visit his mother way back in Season 2’s “4 Days Out.” Skyler dropped him off at the airport before Walt escaped to a marathon cook in the desert with Jesse in the RV. Now he finally vents unresolved issues and apologies to his estranged mother. In return, she informs Walt of Skyler and Mr. Lambert leaves for New Mexico.

His family is gone. Walter must redeem what he can. He thinks of his son and Jesse, who closely resembles one.

Walter Jr. always wanted to be given the space to take care of himself. Now he has no choice. Staying at Marie’s, Walt Jr., fueled by rage, works furiously with Hank’s old rehab specialist. Walt Jr. makes staggering progress.

A fearful hostage, Jesse cooks with Lydia close by. The particular woman pulls her obsessively chosen Stevia out of her purse to sweeten her coffee. After one drink, she keels over dead. Jesse is free. Elsewhere, Walter discards his finally empty ricin vial.

Walt drives to the cemetery for final closure at Skyler’s grave. He arrives back in his car, and takes his cancer medication. Suddenly, he’s overwhelmed with a coughing fit. It seems that the cancer finally killed Mr. White.

It could have been the cancer, or maybe what Marie described to her therapist, "Saxitoxin. Derived from shellfish, produces a flaccid paralysis that leaves the victim conscious through a progression of symptoms. Death occurs from respiratory failure. That is definitely a contender."

Marie,the kleptomaniac that works as a radiology specialist returns the stolen saxitoxin from where it came.

Walter Jr. arrives at Sauls. A new bodyguard lets him in since Huell has been fired for being terrible at his job. Saul offers condolences for his father. Walter White left a few things for his son, but one of the more confusing items was a lottery ticket. Saul, always full of colorful analogies, clues Jr on what the lottery ticket will lead him to.

Just as his father fought back against his disease, Walt Jr. shows the resiliency and determination are hereditary. After months with the same trainer that brought Hank from being a cripple, Junior ditches his crutches and picks up a shovel. He stands up and stares in awe at a 55 gallon barrel of money as we fade to black.

Please feel free to share your predictions or comments below.

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