The "Golf Boys"Introduce Golf into the Hip Hop Culture

So Rory McIlroy exited a golf tournament last week with a toothache, Phil Mickelson continues to look like a dork, and Tiger Woods’ reputation crashed harder than his Escalade a couple Thanksgivings ago. Golf is generally a parade of faceless pastel shirts. It’s a sport lacking a star. With the peak days of Nicklaus and Palmer behind us, fans need to find a popular player to capture their imagination and throw their support behind.

Well, look no further the Golf Boys have arrived.

Golf Boys - "2 Oh" Official Videophoto-2

This group (Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan, and Ben Crane) may have released the most important music video of my lifetime, spanning the pos-"Thriller," mid-boyband era. Not since MTV ditched Carson Daly and brought on board Jersey guides and pregnant teenagers has a single music video done so much for a budding subculture: non-corporate-types who golf only to drink beer and act like clowns.

The music video is called "2 Oh" because the first music video is called "Oh, Oh, Oh" and this is the second video. It's that type of creativity that is evident throughout their rap lyrics.

Golf puns are abound:

"Oh, how the birdies love me, love me, love me." Rickie Fowler


Wearing Fowler, Fowler, Fowler Flat Brims

"Almonds in my bag cuz their yummy in my tummy." Bubba Watson


We got the BubbadabubbadabubbaButtonUps

"Pictures in my backswing, baby that ain't funny." Ben Crane


We going insane! We going Ben Crane!

"Got my SPF on cuz it's sunny, sunny, sunny." Hunter Mahan


We going Mahan, we going Mahan, grizzly beard like a mountain man!


Genius. Timeless lyrics that any casual golfer can relate to. I know who I'm rooting for in the upcoming PGA series. There's a new bandwagon that's leaving the garage. Just make sure to hop on before Elin Woods can bash it with a 3-wood.

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