Bravo to the Blackhawks

I'm insanely superstitious. So when I finally wrote my first post on the Blackhawks, and things looked bleak, I couldn't help but think that it was all my fault.  Yes, I understand how ridiculous it is to think that somewhere in the karmic universe is a hockey God that would decide the Hawks fate because I finally talked about them, but take your criticism of superstition to Bud Light advertisers and any baseball player ever.

Bad omens began to pile up. Right before face off, it's reported that Hossa is sitting out. The Power Play goal by Shaw provided momentary relief, until Colorado scored just before the 1st period ran out. Matt Duchene provided the lone goal in the 2nd, with an angled bank shot off of Emery's arm that made it seem like luck was on Colorado's side. The Hawks looked sluggish, and the Avalanche took a one goal lead into the final period.

The hope I had when playing from behind in the Detroit game wasn't anywhere to be found this time. Varlamov was playing great and Colorado was flying around and playing physical. Going into the third period, I thought Chicago would lose, and I might never be allowed to write about them again. Two minutes into the 3rd made it look even worse, when Roszival had to stop a Duchene breakaway with a hooking penalty. The Hawks looked outmatched, like they were about to be slowly put away.

That's when it all turned. In hindsight, I suppose it should have been a sign when the referees didn't call it a penalty shot, as it probably should have been. The penalty kill broke out on the attack, and Captain Toews scored a huge goal, something he seems to have a knack for.

As time wore down, and the clock sunk below a minute remaining, the streak continuing seemed imminent, but the Hawks wanted to add a little pizazz. Daniel Carcillo emerged from the scramble in front of the net to knock home the short backhand and give Chicago the incredible win.


Sweet, sweet relief. I should write about the Blackhawks more often.


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