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The trade deadline is like my New Years Eve. I approach it with a buzz and anticipation for the exciting promise of life-altering change.  Instead, I wake up with a flood of memories that may or may not be real and the same life as the day before. Oh yeah, and I’m really drunk for both.

Well the ball drops tomorrow at 3:00pm ET. After the deadline, there should be more clarity on whether the Bulls are preparing for a Finals run or for a healthy Rose next year. We’ll either remain dormant, and ride out what is already an overachievement this year or swing for the fences. Since I still see the Rose/Adidas “The Return” commercial in my dreams, I’m still not ready to give up this year. So for fun, let’s review.

Derrick Rose "The Return"

The Scuttlebutt

  1. J.J. Redick


J.J. Redick is what Bulls fans all wished Kyle Korver would have become, and more. Long a knock down shooter, Redick has found other ways to be effective on the offensive side of the court. On top of a potent dribble-drive attack, his newly discovered passing abilities would fit in nicely with Thib’s offensive philosophy. His 4.4 assist per game in 2012 is the highest average of his career. Additionally, his best strength grew even stronger. Without Howard opening up the outside, Redick has improved his shooting off the dribble and around screens, a weapon the Bulls would desperately want with Rose creating in the middle. A likely trade would say farewell to Rip Hamilton and Bellinelli, who despite his random game winning shots, is not a key cog in a championship team. The only people who wouldn’t love this upgrade from last year’s Kyle Korver are teenage girls who love blonde hair.

  1. Andrea Bargnani


We’ve all heard the Boozer for Bargnani rumors. The only positive to this trade is a little breathing room in negotiations with Deng in the future. If Toronto would want to avoid the luxury tax, the Bulls would have to take on $2.6M in additional salary, and forget about getting the new slam dunk champ, Terrence Ross, from a team starving for marketing. It’d be more like Linas Kleiza. Yeah, you haven’t heard of him.

Boozer has finally grown into some big boy pants this year, becoming an actual contributor on the defensive end. While Bargnani offers some outside shooting to the team, he only averages 3.8 rebounds per game compared to Boozer’s 9.3. This trade makes sense last year, when Asik is ready to come off the bench. Now, it makes more sense to try to win with defense than to try to rely on the perpetually frustrating Bargnani to kick start the offense.

  1. Timofey Mozgov

A.K.A. the guy from the Knicks who Blake Griffin violated. This would be Asik with less rebounding and more shooting off pick and rolls. It would likely send off Hamilton again, and possibly bring in a draft pick. In reality, it’s a pretty good trade, but I can’t get excited about Mozgov until this memory disappears.

Blake Griffin RIDICULOUS Dunk on Mozgov

The Pipe Dream

  1. Andre Iguodala


This trade would involve sending Rip Hamilton and Boozer to Denver. Iguodala is an enormous upgrade on the aging Hamilton on both sides of the ball. The Olympian is one of the top wing defenders in the game and became used to creating his own shot in Philadelphia. Boozer would be missed, but Gibson is like Boozer after Vincent Vega stabbed him in the heart with adrenaline.

The football season ended in disappointment and hockey still has a bitter, weird aftertaste from the lockout, for me. I need to believe the Bulls are going to make moves, Rose is coming back, and come summertime, the Madhouse will be rocking! Today at 3:00pm ET will decide if I’m either popping champagne and finding someone to kiss, or starting fights with security guards. Happy Trade Deadline!

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