Chicago Ideas Week 2019

Chicago Ideas Week 2019

Chicago Ideas Week  (October 12 – 17) is a five-day festival that brings together some of the most influential speakers from around the globe to share and discuss large and small ideas that could transform the world.

If that sounds too lofty or cerebral--it doesn't have to be--but it can be depending on what programs you choose to attend.

There are over 200 events and seminars featuring 250+ speakers that cover a variety of topics from the intellectual to just plain fun.

There's workshops, food, theater, politics, tours and serious discussions.

Big name participants for 2019 Chicago Ideas Week include:

David Lynch, Liz Phair, Jessica Lange, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ronan Farrow and lots more. 

In addition, to the speakers there are "hands on" labs such as:

And what's really amazing is that most ticketed events are only $15.

Here are a few highlights from the week

Saturday, Oct 12 (7:00 pm @ Harris Theater) - Idea: Creativity is power.

  • Speakers include: Bashir Salahuddin, David Lynch, Brian Babylon, Eve Ewing, Hebru Brantley, Jamil Smith & Elise Swopes
  • In this Saturday-night kickoff, dive into the revolutionary potential of mythological storytelling, Transcendental Meditation and of self-creation to rethink power and highlight meaningful connections that can reshape the future of Chicago—and the world.

Monday, Oct 14 (7:30 pm @ Edlis Neeson Theater) – An Evening with Jessica Lange

  • Speakers include: Jessica Lange
  • In this intimate conversation, Lange will take us behind the lens of her new book “Highway 61,” which documents her personal journey from Minnesota to Louisiana along the historic 1,400-mile highway.

Tuesday, Oct 15 (7:00 pm @ Harris Theater) – Idea: Do we have all the answers?

  • Speakers include: Taraji P. Henson, Brian Grazer, Liz Phair, Saeed Jones, Pete Holmes & Jamil Smith
  • Pondering the unknown is an innate part of the human condition. At this Talk, each speaker will share their stories and how they approach life’s greatest unknowns, one question at a time.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (3:30 pm @ Edlis Neeson Theater) – Changing the Lens: Lessons from Spelman’s Award-Winning Artists

  • Speakers include: T Lang, Julie Dash, Aku Kadogo & Myra Greene
  • The way an artist sees and makes sense of the world directly informs their work. In this special engagement with the historic Spelman College, you will get a an inside-look at the process and journey of four radical artists who have been leading the charge to change who is represented—and how—in art around the world.

Thursday, Oct 17 (8:00 am @ Edlis Neeson Theater) – Idea: Who pays to be high?  

  • Speakers include: Al Harrington, Hope Wiseman, Ryan Crane, Joanne Caceres, Mitchell Kahn & Bob Morgan
  • Now that 10 states (including Illinois) have legalized weed for recreational use, repercussions are reverberating across the nation. In this conversation, we will discuss who will this affect, what communities will bear the brunt—and benefit—of change, and what are the potential implications in a world where marijuana is used as commonly as alcohol.

Thursday, Oct 17 (12:00 pm @ Harris Theater) – Idea: Resilience is the secret to success

  • Speakers include: Yusef Salaam, Richard Bernstein, Jason Rosenthal, Brian Wallach, Sandra Abrevaya & Jessica Clemons
  • In this Talk, we’ll hear remarkable individuals share their inspiring stories of resilience, taking in lessons for success along the way. You’ll hear stories of tenacity, courage, fear and strength that will challenge you to push through your own limitations, self doubt, and momentary failures to unlock your inner champion.

Thursday, Oct 17 (7:00 pm @ Harris Theater) – Truth Be Told: In Conversation with Ronan Farrow

  • Speakers include: Ronan Farrow, Rich McHugh & Gretchen Carlson
  • Ronan Farrow's untangled a web of lies and overcame an expensive effort to silence the victims left in the entertainment mogul's wake, sparking a global movement. In this one-of-a-kind engagement, Farrow will share the stories behind his new book and dig into his time at NBC when he and producer Rich McHugh worked tirelessly to hold truth to incredibly powerful men.

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